Weekly Book Wrap-Up #58 – Me And The Library

Saturday, March 17, 2018
With the Weekly Book Wrap-Up, I give you a bit of an insight into all the new books that have arrived at my place.

No matter if I won a giveaway, got approved for a reviewer´s copy, an ARC or just bought one myself. Everything that I add to my shelves, in what way ever and read during the past week or am still reading, I will write about it. And maybe I tell you a bit about the upcoming things on Inkvotary, that is if I don´t forget it and have something to share with you *smile*

I am linking up with Tynga´s Reviews and Caffeinated Reviewer and hope you´ll have fun reading it and maybe get the one or the other book inspiration.

Stacking The Shelves #58 

The past week was a very annoying one when it comes to me and ordering books. I´ve got two replacements for my original Feversong order, and both turned out to be damaged as well. One even worse than the other. I don´t know but what are they doing with those items. Playing soccer, or what?!
Sure, I´ve got my money back, so no harm was done, but hey, I wanted the book! The German publisher has after stopped publishing this series after Shadowfever, so I HAVE to buy the English editions to continue reading. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t mind doing that, but the German editions were all published as paperbacks. Simply looks way nicer on my shelf when every part is in the same style. Well, well, life would be boring if everything would run smoothly, right?



I know, that some of my followers are able to read in Spanish. It seems that both books aren´t available in English so far, but I can provide you with their original titles. On the left (bright flowers) you see "O Quarto Arcano-O Anjo Negro", and on the right (blue flowers) "El Cuarto Arcano-El Puerto de las Tormentas". 

Sunday Post #15

The reading challenge for The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen over at Lesejury is still going on, and it is really fun to read all the other participants comments. The thoughts and guesses we all have about the next chapters in this novel are widespread and I am absolutely curious how we all will rate and review it in the end.

Our garden is in full bloom with a variety of winter and early spring flowers. The air is chilly and spending time outside isn´t very amusing. The wind literally burns your skin off and though we didn´t get any more snow, I am really damn ready for warmer weather and the real spring.

On Wednesday I went to our library to bring back some books I had still at home and had the intention to just do that and then leave. Well, what can I say *grin* One of our library ladies showed my not only a new book from The Royals series but also a huge box filled with books they were giving away for free. You can imagine that I was within minutes kneeling in front of that box (they had placed her on the floor right beside the box with all the brand-new releases they just had gotten in) and searching through my personal paradise *lol*

Yap, I left the building with some new lent books and a stack of free ones. Only to find out at home, that I already had one of them on my TBR shelf *lol*

My challenge Take Control of Your TBR isn´t running very well for me – I haven´t read one single book from my TBR so far and feel incredibly guilty and ashamed. Usually, I am reading like there´s no tomorrow, but since the new year has started I discover that I am not the fast reader anymore that I used to be. I mean, it takes me kind of a week to twelve days to read one single book. And those aren´t books with more than 400 pages. Last year I read them within a few days! Don´t know what´s slowing me down.
And I still need to write my sign-up post for the upcoming Blog Ahead Challenge for March. Hopefully later today I will be able to do that. Needs to get posted soon, since the challenge is starting next week.

I am reading


Upcoming Reviews



I will post my reviews in random order. So, the way the covers are shown in this post aren´t carved in stone *smile* Just saying in case you might wonder when you see them get posted ...

Happy reading

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Happy reading Vi@Inkvotary

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  1. YAY for free books from the library, Vi, even if you ended up already having one of them. If you knew how many times I've clicked on someone's link to one-click a book on amazon only to have them tell me I already own the book *sighs*
    Our weather is still cool-ish and gray, too. I'm so ready for spring and summer it's not even funny!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. You should have seen the broad smile the library lady had on her face when she saw me taking all those free books *sigh* Glad I am not the only one who sees a book she wants only to discover that she already has it *smile* Thanks for your visit, Lexxie.

  2. Sounds like an awesome library trip. I'm sooo bad at libraries and visit my two local ones several times a month!

    1. It is a really dangerous place for me *lol* I always find a new book to take home with me and I can barely resist when they have free stuff in the box *sigh* Thanks for your visit.

  3. Sorry about the damaged books. That’s annoying. I’m not a fast reader, either, so I’m going slowly with the Take Control challenge. Luckily, I have a bunch of short books on my shelf. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Oh yes, me and some challenges *sigh* Guess from next week on I´ll have more time to read and can climb my tbr *smile* Thanks for your visit.

  4. I hate it when a book comes damaged. Especially when the replacement is the same way! How awesome though about the free books! that's about the best thing, when there's a box of books to look through ha ha.

    Hope you have a super week.

    1. Yap, my town library is a dangerous place for me *lol* Thanks for your visit.

  5. Wow, that's sad about the books. Seriously :/ I guess if they go through airmail, maybe they get battered in the process. That's so sad :(

    1. I have honestly no idea what they do with them. I have other paperbacks from the US which arrived without having one single scratch or damaged covers. Well, well. Thanks for your visit.

  6. Looks like lots of great books. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Mary #SundayRoundup #10

    1. I hope that too *smile* Thanks for stopping by.


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