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Saturday, April 23, 2016
From time to time I will post a feature about a topic that is important to me.  Today is the World Book Day and everyone who loves books and has a passion for reading is kind of celebrating that day in which way ever.

No matter what genre, no matter what author, no matter what age – reading is always possible.

You can read them just for yourself or let someone read it to you. Storytelling is a gift that quite a bunch of authors know very well to do. One of my favorite authors once said, that it is a kind of lying, because she is making something up to entertain others. Well, I don´t quite agree with that. Lying has such a negative touch to me, so I prefer instead to call the skill to be able to tell good stories what it is: a gift.

Whether you are an avid reader (like me), whether you prefer reading e-books or a physical book: it doesn´t matter. Although in my opinion nothing compares to a physical book, I do see that e-books have some good advantages. Vacation is such a perfect time to take all the books you want in electronic form; saves you a lot of weight and space. 

But in my daily life I want an actual book in my hands. And believe me I carry always at least one paperback in my pocket when I am outside running some errands. And on my cell I have always a good audio book to listen to – especially when I go running through the woods. But in the great comfort of my home, I read physical books. My shelves are filled with all kind of genres, all kind of great stories and there are books everywhere.

Till next time & happy reading

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Happy reading Vi@Inkvotary

I am Vi, forty-something, avid reader, blogger and painter who loves to talk and write about books. A day without one in my hands is a wasted one. Skilled florist with a degree in writing - oh yes, that works.

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