This will be my second year with the Library Love Challenge. Although I only counted the books from the library I didn´t have the English edition already at home, it was quite fun to see how many books I actually had borrowed over the year. I am at the library as often as I can and with the knowledge that my library is moving towards the end of 2020 into a new building which will provide way more space for all the books they are having so far, I am actually looking forward to finding new books I don´t want to buy but want to read anyway.

The challenge is hosted by Angel´s Guilty Pleasures and Books of My Heart for the first time and with that, we will have some new rules too. Nothing major but they promise fun and pleasure (like last year) for the challenge. 

This year I am aiming for the Dewey Decimal again, who reads a minimum of 12 library books and will see how things go from there. Maybe I am extending my goal during the upcoming year and end up with a totally different level or I will barely reach my original goal. Who knows…

Happy reading