The Sins That Bind Us by Geneva Lee

Saturday, May 27, 2017
This book is totally different from all the other books I´ve read so far by the author. Full of emotion, drama, love and the desire for a normal life and a family. Yes, I know that some of this too, is part of her Royals Saga, but in a totally different way. Read this book, and you´ll understand what I am talking about.

The Sins That Bind Us* by Geneva Lee
Published by Westminster Press on May 2, 2016
ISBN 978-1-9451-6301-2
Pages 276
Format Softcover
Source Publisher

I wasn´t given a choice. Not when I did my first line of cocaine. Not when I became a single mother. But I changed, and every decision I´ve made was to protect myself and my son from my weaknesses – and my past. Until Jude came along and made me question everything, even my own secrets. The sins I carry with me can never be discovered. Life handed me broken bits of people and left me to construct my own world, and it´s too fragile to take a chance on Jude Mercer. We write our own stories. We build our own prisons. We weave our own lies. We commit the sins that bind us.

My Review

My first thought was when I got a glimpse at the beautiful cover: I must have and read it! 

Follow Friday #18 – Audiobooks

Friday, May 26, 2017

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This week is the question: On what occasions do you listen to audiobooks? Or why are they not for you?

Oh boy, me and audiobooks *laugh* Well, long story short: I am not the type of girl who can listen to an audiobook while doing my laundry or cleaning the household.

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Actually, I like the idea of a female protagonist who solves almost everything she has to face by only being smart with her skills as a chemist. That sounded very intriguing and turned out very haunting and clever.

The Chemist* by Stephenie Meyer
Published by Little Brown and Company on November 8, 2016
ISBN 978-0-3163-8783-5
Pages 512
Format Hardcover
Source Library

She used to work for the U.S. Government, but very few people ever knew that. An expert in her field, she was one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn´t even have a name. And when they decided she was a liability, they came for her without warning. Now she rarely stays in the same place or uses the same name for long. They´ve killed the only other person she trusted, but something she knows still poses a threat. They want her dead, and soon. When her former handler offers her a way out, she realizes it´s her only chance to erase the giant target on her back. But it means taking one last job for her ex-employers. To her horror, the information she acquires only makes her situation more dangerous. Resolving to meet the threat head-on, she prepares for the toughest fight of her life but finds herself falling for a man who can only complicate her likelihood of survival. As she sees her choices being rapidly whittled down, she must apply her unique talents in ways she never dreamed of.

My Review

Sure, at first it was a bit strange, but after a few pages and some reading, I started to like the style. Not absolutely new, but used again in a fresh way.

True North - Wo Auch Immer Du Bist by Sarina Bowen

Friday, May 19, 2017
I had the huge pleasure to get to know the authors work by this fantastic book. When I applied for it, I never expected to be one of the few lucky persons who could actually read it long before everyone else would. And what can I say? I ENJOYED every second of this fantastic novel!

True North - Wo Auch Immer Du Bist* by Sarina Bowen
True North Series #1
Original Title Bittersweet
Published by LYX on April 24, 2017
ISBN 978-3-7363-0560-1
Pages 379
Format Paperback
Source Publisher

The last person Griffin Shipley expects to find stuck in a ditch on his Vermont country road is his ex-hookup. Five years ago, they´d shared a couple of steamy nights together. But that was a lifetime ago. At twenty-seven, Griff is now the accidental patriarch of his family farm. Even his enormous shoulders feel the strain of supporting his mother, three siblings, and a dotty grandfather. He doesn´t have time for the sorority girl who´s shown up expecting to buy his harvest at half price. Vermont was never in Audrey Kidder´s travel plans. Neither was Griff Shipley. But she needs a second chance with the restaurant conglomerate employing her. Okay – a fifth chance. And no self-righteous lumbersexual farmer will stand in her way. They´re adversaries. They want entirely different things from life. Too bad their sexual chemistry s as hot as Audrey´s top secret enchilada sauce.

My Review

This is the first book by Sarina Bowen I have ever read. And for sure not the last. 

News – Blog Got A New Name: Inkvotary

Tuesday, May 09, 2017
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Same old me, same blog, BUT TOTALLY NEW NAME! And as far as I can see everything went a lot faster than I´ve expected. Well, the technical stuff, not the search for the new name or the creative stuff with all the headers, etc. etc.

Gone With The Books becomes Inkvotary.

I was thinking about changing my blog name since quite some time now. And I got really excited when I found it after literally spending nights coming up with names I liked and therefore stayed awake because my brain was working and creating them like crazy.

Follow Friday #17 – Break-off Or Rant?

Friday, May 05, 2017
This is a Friday meme hosted by Patricia of FiktiveWelten. Every week she asks a question that you can answer. Everyone who would like to participate, just answer her question, link to her blog and write a comment under her post to let the others know that you are participating.

The entire rules you can find here.

This week Patricia is asking if we rather break-off the reading of a book that can´t catch us at all or if we go all the bitter way and finish it.

Oh boy, after I´ve read the question I couldn´t help it but think of one certain book, that fits exactly the criterion and made me kind of rant in my review.

For 100 Days – Täuschung by Lara Adrian

The cover was the first thing, that caught my attention. Blue, white and black in combination with the visible skyline in the number 100 – looks elegant but modern. And the summary made me curious, so I had to read it.

For 100 Days - Täuschung* by Lara Adrian
100 Series #1
Original Title For 100 Days
Published by LYX on April 24, 2017
ISBN 978-3-8025-9821-0
Pages 382
Format Paperback
Source Publisher

Struggling artist Avery Ross is barely scraping by. Bartending at a trendy New City restaurant for an overbearing boss and two weeks away from losing her apartment to a condo developer, she´s desperate for a break. So, when she´s offered a temporary housesitting job, she takes it. Living at one of the poshest addresses in Manhattan is like entering a new world – one that catapults her into the orbit of billionaire Dominic Baine, the darkly handsome, arrogantly alpha resident of the building´s penthouse. What begins as a powerful attraction soon explodes into a white-hot passion neither can deny. Yet as scorching as their need for each other is, Avery doesn´t expect Nick´s interest in her to last. Nor does she dare to dream that the desire she feels for this scarred, emotionally remote man could deepen into something real. For Avery has secrets of her own – and a past that could destroy her … and shatter everything she and Nick share.

My Review

I had no high expectations since this was the first book by the author I´ve read so far and therefore I only had the hope that it would entertain me.

Schwesterherz by Kristina Ohlsson

Saturday, April 29, 2017
OMG! This was one hell of a fantastic ride. And since there is a second book coming soon (actually not soon enough!) this ride isn´t over yet. Kristina Ohlsson, you´ve got yourself a new fan. This was big entertainment.

Schwesterherz* by Kristina Ohlsson 
Martin Benner Series #1
Original Title Lotus Blues
Published by Limes on April 10, 2017
ISBN 978-3-8090-2663-1
Pages 479
Format Softcover
Source Publisher

How do you vindicate a deceased, self-proclaimed killer? A criminal lawyer in Stockholm, Martin Benner sees himself as a man who has it all. Then Bobby T barges into his office one day, demanding his help. Bobby says he´s the brother of Sara Tell, a young woman dubbed `Sara Texas´ by the tabloids after she confessed to five brutal murders some time back – three in Sweden, and two in Texas. Six months ago, she shocked everyone when she escaped from pre-trial custody and leapt off a bridge to her death. But Bobby says she was innocent. He needs Martin´s help to clear her name and to find Sara´s son, Mio, who he says disappeared around the time of her death. As Martin and Lucy, the partner in his firm, delve deeper into the case, their pursuit of the truth takes them across the ocean to Texas, where the pieces of the puzzle slowly fall into place. But before Martin can continue his investigation, he receives some devastating news that turns his world upside down …

My Review

Good, I admit it, if I would have gone after the cover, I´d probably wouldn´t have touched it at all. 
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