Once again, the cover design is very atmospheric with soft colors. This time, however, the color choice is a bit darker, but I still like it a lot. The country is in a spirit of change and people want change. Lots of change. The female population is striving for more self-determination and rights. It was nice to see how the author took this up and integrated it.

Sturmjahre-Das Versprechen Einer Neuen Zeit*
by Lia Scott
Sturmjahre Saga #2
Publisher Fischer TB on August 30, 2023
Genre Novel
Pages 491
Format Paperback
Source Fischer TB

Dark lakes and rugged mountains - great emotions in trying times.
Scotland 1919: After the end of the First World War, people are fighting their way back to everyday life. Archie Dennon has returned to Scotland alive but badly scarred by the consequences of the war. Archie has long been attracted to Vika, who works in his pub. But the dark memories of the war keep coming back to haunt him and make it difficult to admit feelings. When Archie finally admits how he feels for Vika, it's too late. Vika has lost faith in a shared future. So she leaves Foxgirth in the black of night and tries to start over in Glasgow. But can they really forget each other? (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary).
Vika only wants one thing: to win Archie's love and have a good life for herself and her son. She is skeptical about her Aunt Geillis' plans. Even more so when she notices that Vika is in different circumstances. The supposedly loving treatment of the aunt is over. Will Archie finally realize what Vika means to him?

Lia Scott's writing style in this volume is also sensitive, easy to read, and very atmospheric. Well, it's a bit long-winded here too. But that seems to be part of every one of her novels. In this second part of the Storm Years saga, Lia Scott also knows how to convincingly convey the mood of the time and the living conditions in the country and in the city to the reader's eye.

There are many wonderful contrasts between the individual characters here. Vika, who has loved Archie for a long time and has terrible table manners, Archie, who sees himself as the king of his small village and rules in his pub. And the rest of the Dennons, who all just want one thing: to finally put the war behind them and build a future.

An entertaining, solidly written novel that awakens a longing for foreign countries and wonderful landscapes. There are a bit too many pages for my taste, but it's bearable. It's best to read it yourself and form your own opinion.

Happy reading

*Fischer TB kindly provided me this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you.  The book was, at the time of this review was published, only available in the German language.

Deutsche Rezension

Auch in diesem Band ist der Schreibstil von Lia Scott feinfühlig, einfach zu lesen und sehr stimmungsvoll. Gut, stellenweise ist es auch hier etwas langatmig. Das scheint aber wohl Teil eines jeden ihrer Romane zu sein. Und auch in diesem zweiten Teil der Sturmjahre Saga versteht es Lia Scott, die Stimmung der damaligen Zeit und die Lebensumstände auf dem Land und in der Stadt überzeugend vor dem Leserauge auszubreiten.

Es gibt hier viele wunderbare Gegensätze bei den einzelnen Figuren. Vika, die Archie schon seit langem liebt und furchtbare Tischmanieren hat, Archie, der sich als der König seines kleinen Dorfes sieht und in seinem Pub regiert. Und der Rest der Dennons, die alle nur eins wollen: den Krieg endlich hinter sich lassen und eine Zukunft aufbauen.

Ein unterhaltsamer, solide verfasster Roman, der die Sehnsucht nach fremden Ländern und herrlichen Landschaften weckt. Für meinen Geschmack zwar mit etwas zu vielen Seiten, aber auch hier aushaltbar. Am besten selbst lesen und eigenes Urteil bilden.

Lia Scott
Lia Scott ©Katrin Greiner

Lia Scott, born in 1984, lives with her husband, two children, a dog and lots of chicken in a small town near Freiburg. With the Storm Years Saga, she combines her love for Scotland with the moving fates of the time - during and after the First World War. Lia Scott is the pen name of author Lilian Kaliner.


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