Saturday Sentence #2

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Okay, round two of this little book game, started by Lesefee. A game, that is for everyone who likes to participate. It is easy to do. Just find your sentence in the book you are currently reading.

Create your post, write a little something over it or not; and on Saturday you can go over to Lesefee´s blog (if you want) and post a short comment where you set a link to your post so that others can read it.

1. Take your current reading.
2. Go to page 158; find sentence 10, and share with us how your “Saturday sentence” reads.

As of today I started reading The Goblin Emperor, my sentence this time is:

A soprano of the great opera house Zhaö would present a series of famous´ opera aria.  

I have no context of this scene, so I don´t know what this scene is all about. But I hope since this book is considered to be a high fantasy novel that it will play in a rich and colorful surrounding. I don´t know the style of the author yet, I am reading her for the very first time. Hope my translation of the sentence (I am reading the German edition) makes sense somehow ...

Best wishes

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Happy reading Vi@Inkvotary

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  1. It's not Saturday, but I'll play along anyway. My book is The Spice Box Letters, and the sentence is: "A detective!" In case that doesn't count, here's the next real full sentence: "Won't you tell me about that?"

    By coincidence I had actually read up to page 158 so my bookmark was right there!

    1. Hihi, you made me laugh with your comment and gave a crappy day some sunshine :-) Thanks a lot for that. And btw every sentence counts, no matter how long or short. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Glad to brighten your day! :)


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