Blog Ahead Mini March 2018 – Close-Up

Sunday, April 08, 2018
This challenge is hosted by Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup and is all about getting some posts done and scheduled in advance.

Well, there wasn´t much of blogging ahead for me during this challenge. I underestimated life completely. Sure, I wrote some reviews, and some of them went live during the challenge – which means I can´t count them. But anything else than that? No chance. And because of that, this post will be short and only there to close up this challenge properly.
No good feeling that I couldn´t reach my goal. And to be honest, I am seriously asking myself why I am so bad at blogging ahead. No matter if I do the challenge or not, blogging in advance seems a not doable task for me.

My goal was, to write and schedule 14 posts ahead of time. In the end, all I could manage to do was five. Good, that´s better than nothing. I agree on that. But still. It seems that I fail a lot lately, at least with my challenges.

Happy writing

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Happy reading Vi@Inkvotary

I am Vi, forty-something, avid reader, blogger and painter who loves to talk and write about books. A day without one in my hands is a wasted one. Skilled florist with a degree in writing - oh yes, that works.

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