When I started this thriller, I didn´t know that it was part of a series. And when I realized it, I was right in the middle of a tough but well-written plot about agent Gabriel Allon, who has to do another dangerous job. I have to be honest I am truly no friend of starting a series in the middle. I don´t like it, because my experience shows, that the characters in all the series I´ve ever read started to change one way or the other. All the things they went through, all the emotions they had to deal with, etc. made them change, develop other ways of seeing things and when you can read a series from the beginning, you can see all that with your own eyes, can live with them to all of it and that gives you, what I call it, a rounder picture.


The Messenger
by Daniel Silva
Gabriel Allon Series #6
Publisher G.P. Putnam´s Sons on July 25, 2006
Genre Thriller
Pages 352
Format Hardcover
Source Library

Gabriel Allon – art restorer and spy – is about to face the greatest challenge of his life. An al-Qaeda suspect is killed in London, and photographs are found on his computer – photographs that lead Israeli intelligence to suspect that al-Qaeda is planning one of its most audacious attacks ever, aimed straight at the heart of the Vatican. Allon and his colleagues soon find themselves in a deadly duel of wits against one of the most dangerous men in the world – a hunt that will take them across Europe to the Caribbean and back. But for them, there may not be enough of anything: enough time, enough facts, enough luck. All Allon can do is set a trap – and hope that he is not the one caught in it.
The story starts right off with a deadly situation and the more I read, the more it felt kind of scary. Because almost everything that happened in this thriller is today – about ten years later – a sad reality. The setting goes from London and Tel Aviv to Rome, Paris, the Caribbean, Switzerland and back to Rome and a few other places. No question, Daniel Silva´s writing style is accurate and good to read. Fine, there are a few sections where the story is filled with details about the scenery or what a figure was doing and I had my little problems with that, but mostly I enjoyed reading it.

Told by an invisible narrator, the reader gets from the beginning a very complex and intense story told, where death, secrets and money rules. Daniel Silva has a clear writing style. No word is misplaced and he gives the reader a lot of information on one page and on the next, he brings a scene in a telegraphic style. By doing so he builds up a terrific tension which and keeps that tension right till the end. The pope is in danger and Gabriel is ordered to keep him safe. But he can´t prevent the explosion and it becomes very clear to him, that the plan failed because of him and that he needs to eliminate the killer. But how to do that when that killer is secured by one of the richest men on the planet? And the US is the country that benefits the most from that wealth?

Gabriel Allon is a character who went through a lot. He is one of the best conservators in the world – only that the world doesn´t know that. He´s got many names, and only a few know that he is still alive and where he lives. He is one of the good, but for the world he is evil. And so it doesn´t wonder that he does everything to convince the world who the real evil is. But where money and power rule, it isn´t easy to pull the right strings to achieve the goal.

The Messenger is one powerful thriller, where you´ll find some good entertainment. Kind of in a James Bond way only that not England is behind the agent but Israel. For me, this was the first Daniel Silva thriller I´ve ever read. And I recommend it with a good conscience though I would advise you to start reading this series with book one.


Happy reading

Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva is an award winning New York Times bestseller author. His books are sold in over thirty countries and worldwide bestsellers. He got appointed into the United States Holocaust Memorial Council and lives with his wife and their two children in Florida.


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