From time to time I will post a special feature about a topic that is either very rare or, at least, not so common. My first feature is about something that only happens every four years and what we call a leap year. This year, as you already know, is such a year and I was asking myself what I was doing back in 2012, when we had the last time a February 29th. I went through my diary in search of an answer. And as you might have guessed, I read a book – or better said two.

Leap Year 2016

A special feature here on Gone With The Books to a rare event

And here we go with the connection to this blog and special features or uncommon things. The first book on that day I´ve read was Seven Souls by Barnabas Miller and Jordan Orlando. To my shame, I have to admit, that I can´t remember what the story of this book was all about or how the figures were created. Even looking at the cover didn´t ring a bell, so I guess it didn´t have that much of an impact on me. Well, things like that happen and since I am reading so many good books – I actually don´t mind the lack of remembrance about that novel very much.

The second was Hier kommt Lola! – And that book I remember quite vividly. It was the start of a beautiful and very humorously series in Germany and written by Isabel Abedi. And even though I happen to be a grown-up for many years (or at least hope I am *laugh*) I enjoyed this children´s book very much.

And to bring this special-only-every-four-years-occurring day again into a connection with books, I spent some time off today reading a Nora Roberts novel called Stars of Fortune

So yes, a day without a book in my hands is really a wasted one. 

But despite that, the past month has been a very eventful - and in some ways -, kind of nerve-wracking and stressful one, too. I had the great pleasure that I, or better said, the German website I am writing reviews for, too, was chosen from the Arena Verlag to be part of their Anima blog tour. Now you might wonder and think well that´s not much of a big deal, and maybe your right about that. In other countries blog tours are highly performed and appreciated by readers as well as authors and publishers. When it comes to Germany things are a bit different. Not in a bad way but still different. Here the publishers can be quite picky about who and which blog will be participating in an upcoming blog tour. That is no criticism of any kind, just telling a fact. Not to mention that it was my very first blog tour at all.

Oh and not to forget, last night was Oscar night!

So this past month showed me some new terrain in a lot of ways, we´ve got one day more, I had my blog tour debut and Leonardo DiCaprio won finally an Oscar! Not that I consider myself a big DiCaprio fan, but still, I think the waiting for him to get one was long enough.

Till the next leap year 2020


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