Gone With The Books has its own Facebook Page

No, it´s not an early Valentine´s Day kind of thing, though love and passion are great & powerful things, that´s not what I am so excited about. I am so happy that I finally found the time and nerves (!) to create a Facebook page for my blog. I´ve had that on my blog schedule for quite a while now, but never took the time nor energy to sit down and actually DO IT. Today I finally pulled myself together and tadaaaaa:

Gone With The Books* is now on Facebook.
*Edit: The blog got renamed "Inkvotary" in 2017, so don´t be confused when you click the FB-link.

Okay, there isn´t that much to see yet – but hey! I am just getting started. So If you like (and I hope you do) take a look and sneak around a bit.

Happy reading


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