is a weekly event hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine. This meme is a place that spotlights upcoming releases that we´re eagerly anticipating with pure joy. So this time my WoW is - as I mentioned in my post last week -, again about Abbie Roads. Her second book of the Fatal Dreams Series is coming out in December 2016 and though I haven´t even read or gotten her debut novel Race The Darkness yet, I already got hooked by the cover of Hunt The Dawn and pre-ordered it some days ago.

Usually, I am not like that. Not at all!

Yes, I go a lot after the cover design of a book, can´t deny it. If I don´t like what I see, the book has little to no chance to make it into my home library. No matter what the back text says. I have either to be in a very good mood to give a book with a not pleasant cover a chance or, if I can read a few pages - whether from a reading example online or during I´m in an actual book store - and the story catches me immediately, it might end up in my shelves. For me, the summary AND the cover need to be one union. They have to tell me something or at least touch me in some way. Do I know the author and his/her writing style, it can happen that I don´t judge by the cover, I am honest about that. But I had that only a couple of times since I am reviewing books, and believe me, I am reviewing since many, many years *smile*

So, yes, the cover design matters a lot.

But there is something else I connect with Hunt The Dawn and will always remember when I look at its cover. In June I was part of a book launch party (my very first) on FB and Abbie Roads showed during her hosting turn not only the cover again, but also the blurb of it. I read it and thought: Hey, that sounds really good. And in that very same post, she provided a wonderful prize and, guess what - I WON IT!

But more about this fantastic win later, ´cause of course I´ll write about it the moment the package arrives and I can see and feel it with my own eyes and hands. Did I mention that I LOVE to unpack packages, especially those ones that have a book inside?

Now you know.

For the moment I am very happy, agitated, and soooo curious to get to know this debut author and her work. It is always an adventure to meet a new author, to get to know the style, how that person writes, and to see if that style and writing fit my taste and bring me some wonderful reading pleasure.

Hunt The Dawn
Author Abbie Roads
Fatal Dreams Series #2
Publishing Date December 6, 2016
Publisher Sourcebooks
Format Paperback

Scent is the most pervasive of our senses. What if you could smell murder?
Lathan Montgomery was born with a genetic anomaly that enhances his sense of smell. He can smell everything. Everything. Even people’s memories. And that makes it damned near impossible to be around anyone without being bombarded by all their memories. Isolation is his best friend. And jailor.
He uses his nose to solve cold cases for the FBI, but links a group of unsolved murders—by scent alone—and discovers an active serial killer. The mind-hunters at the FBI refuse to open an investigation. Lathan is determined to find the killer, but his search stalls when he rescues Evanee Brown from an attacker. She’s the only person—the only freaking person—he’s ever met who doesn’t have a cloud of memories around her and he only person he can tolerate.
Evanee Brown is trying to escape. Escape her job. Her town. Her rapist. Lathan saves her, but that night her normal nightmares take a twisted turn into the horrific—she dreams of murder victims who hand over macabre clues. Very real clues she brings back to reality. Clues that all point to the killer Lathan’s been hunting.
The more Lathan gets to know Evanee, the more devotion, tenderness, and passion overwhelm him in a way he’s never experienced. But the killer is on the offensive and steals Lathan’s only love.
And he never keeps his victims alive for long…

Abbie Roads

Abbie Roads is a 2014 Golden Heart Finalist with her romantic suspense novel Dangerous Dreams.  Her writing is darkly emotional, but she always gives her damaged characters a happy ending.  During the day, she’s a mental health counselor known for her blunt honest style of therapy and her shoes.  She believes that many of life’s problems can be solved with a kick-ass pair of heels and a chocolate martini—or three.  If that doesn’t work—seek professional help.

And what are you waiting for? Let me know your thoughts about this one or leave me the link to your WoW and I check it out.

Happy reading & waiting on



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    1. I hope it really is! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Vi!

    I'm so sorry I'm a week late getting here! I was in San Diego all last week for the Romance Writers of America Conference and my phone wouldn't let me make a comment. Gah.

    Thanks for being so enthusiastic about my novels! I can't wait until you get them! And I sure hope you like them!

    1. No need to be sorry :-) This post isn´t going anywhere and I am happy about every comment no matter when it is posted. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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