Follow Friday #2 – Using Quotes And Outstanding Quote

Friday, August 19, 2016

is a Friday meme hosted by Sonia at A Bookshelf Full Of Sunshine. Every week Sonia asks a question (or two) that you can answer. Everyone who would like to participate can do so if he has told her so by Thursday 3 pm European time the same week in a comment on her blog. The rules you can find here.

This week her question is, if I use quotes in my reviews, and if yes, if I have an outstanding one. That question is answered short and quickly: No, I don´t.

Yes, in some of my reviews you´ll find some words, one or the other character has said in a novel, but I don´t put them in as a quote. I don´t know why that is, but when I write my reviews, I don´t think about a certain quote that I want to use. I just write as it flows into my fingers and therefore into my keyboard – and that´s it.

So, as a consequence for the second part of her question, the outstanding quote, I have to pass.

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Happy reading

I am Vi, avid reader, book blogger and painter who loves to talk and write about books. A day without one in my hands is a wasted one. Skilled florist with a degree in writing - oh yes, that works. I like many genres, but horror is nothing for me! Have fun.


  1. Hallo Vi :)
    Ich verwende eigentlich ganz gerne Zitate in meinen Rezensionen. Entweder weil es eine schöne Aussage ist, die man aufs ganze Leben anwenden kann, oder weil ich dadurch meine Meinung zum Buch, zum Schreibstil etc. untermauern will.
    Hier geht's zu meinem Beitrag.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Hi Lilli, reine Zitate sind nicht so meins, wegen der Quellenangaben :-) Danke fürs vorbei schaun.


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