This challenge is all about getting some posts done and scheduled in advance, about getting a bit of a buffer for your blog and yourself, ´cause sometimes blogging can become a bit overwhelming and stressful. So having some posts already done can give you space you probably need for things that come up out of the blue. And with the support of other bloggers, it promises some fun along the way.

I found this challenge a few weeks ago on a blog I am following with great interest when Anna (she is the host) over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup announced the start of this October challenge and thought since that moment about whether to participate or not.

I´ve never planned my posts much in advance, the longest was 7 days and since a few days I am kind of writing, and posting my posts on a day to day basis. So at the moment, I guess this will be a great way to find out if I can do better.

I have no clue how this challenge will turn out for me, or if I will reach my goal of 30 – but I guess it´s worth a try. And since I heard that it would make a blogger life much easier and can be at some point a real lifesaver, I look forward to it.

The challenge starts on October 1 & ends on October 31

The goal is to get a bit in advance for the month of October and increase the number of scheduled posts you have by 30. So if you have already 4 posts scheduled by October 1st, you would then need to finish the month with 34 posts scheduled. No matter how many posts you already got planned just add 30 to get your final goal. Simple, right?

Who Can Join
  • Anyone who has a blog can join. 
  • The blog genre/topic doesn´t matter
  • You can be an author or reviewer, brand new, on any platform, been around for years, etc. If you blog – your welcome to join!

Types Of Posts That Count
  • Any finished posts count. Meme, review, guest post, interview, whatever you like to post and share with the blogger sphere. They DON´T have to be book related.

  • The post must be complete and scheduled from October 1, 2016, onward. The review you want to use for this challenge needs to be complete for the post to count. Meaning, don´t write only a blurb about it or set up only a buy link in your review and that´s it. Do what you always do, write a real review or what your post is about and time it.

You can sign up anytime before October 1, 2016, here which I am doing with this post now.

Anna also created an FB group for this challenge, which you can also join if you like. And there´s the #BlogAhead2016 hashtag for all your posts you are doing for this challenge.

Happy reading



  1. I'm so happy you've decided to join this challenge, Vi! It's a really great one :) Good luck blogging ahead as much as possible :)
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Aaaaah thanks so much, Lexxie. Good luck to you too :-)

  2. Having posts scheduled in advance is a great feeling and really takes some of the pressure off, so I decided to join this challenge too. Good luck!

    1. Yay, good luck to you too and thanks for stopping by. May the fun begin!

  3. Woots! So glad you're joining in on the challenge with us :) Hope it goes wonderful! Be sure to stop by the FB group if you want to have a squee or need a motivation boost :D

    1. I will, don´t worry about that *laugh* & thanks for stopping by, Anna!


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