Friendly Aladin was yesterday. Easygoing Djinns who only seek fun in life is from yesterday as well. In this novel, the worries and needs from a present world and one human being, in particular, are what this is all about: love. And with that, I mean the one and only true love. The one that makes you want to do everything to keep your love alive, happy, and save. In the middle of Las Vegas you would expect pretty much everything, but certainly not the arrival of a half Djinn or anything that comes along with him. Though it is quite unique to read about modern Djinn´s, their rules, and what they do and why they do it.

by Lynn Raven
Publisher cbt on December 14, 2015
Genre Children 14+
Pages 464
Format Softcover
Source Publisher

“You have the Heart of the Simurgh. Give it to me!” Jessica DeLaney has not the slightest clue, what this damn good looking stranger with the name Shane Hayden wants from her when he rumbles into the coffee shop in Las Vegas, where she works as a waitress. Soon it begins to dawn on her that behind the amulet, she recently pawned, lays a secret. And that she has maybe more links with the mysterious Shane than the missing heirloom.
Jessica is different from other women. She has a skill she can´t even tell what it is, but she knows by instinct that she has one. When Shane comes into her life she is completely baffled that he wants something from her, she never knew she had. And when he tells her what she really is, she is even more baffled and when feelings kick in and she has to admit to herself that her feelings for him are deeper than anything else she ever felt, she knows that she has to do everything to keep their passion for each other protected.

Lynn Raven brings in this beautifully written story the fairy tale of the Djinns and Aladin to life again. But if you are looking for a nice and funny Aladin, be warned: this one is mean, canting and anything else but friendly. From Jessica´s point of view and the personal perspective of Shane, the reader is part of a fantastic plot in which Djinn, Faye, earth magician, and Wind witches are bound together. Jessica is a wind witch and with that skill, there comes a lot of responsibility and danger along. 

Lynn Raven writes sensitive, has a great way to describe things and the dialogues are so hilarious – it is really fun to read through the story. Okay in the last third the novel starts to become really kitschy and some scenes aren´t that great anymore. For whatever reason, the author decided to put a change in style into the plot, and all of a sudden her writing is exaggerated, overbooked, and in some places very chaotic. And that´s where the rating changed from five stars to four. But till then you will find a fantastic story about choices, true love, sacrifices, and the beautiful colorful world of Persia and its magic.

Magic is one of the most important things in life and Lynn Raven knows very well to show that in this story. The combination of a well-written style, two strong main figures, and the colorful world of Persia makes this novel anything but boring. When you have a Djinn in your story, then you need at some point an Aladin too. But this one has nothing in common with the blue and funny one Disney created some years back. No, this one here is cruel, trying to betray humans and uses their voracity and wishes for more of everything to get his own will fulfilled. But with Jessica as a counterpart, the rules in this game change and Aladin needs a better weapon to get what he desires.

Jessica is a young woman who has to struggle day by day to keep herself and her stepbrother not only alive but to be able to pay the hospital bills. Because her brother is very sick and what they inherited from his father is sealed and bound by their evil aunt. An aunt who may never know what Jessica is or where she and her little stepbrother are – otherwise they´d be dead. So when Shane steps into her life, things change; some for the worse others for the better. 

A wonderful novel about love, magic, and a fairy tale that is as colorful and magical as true love. If you can; read it.

Happy reading

*At the time of review, this title was only available in the German language.

Lynn Raven
Lynn Raven ©Isabell Grubert/Random House

Lynn Raven lived in New England, US before she - despite her love for the wild romantic coast of Maine - moved to Germany. After ten years in Germany, she went back to the US, and is now not only jumping between High- and Dark-Fantasy but also between two continents.



  1. vegas seems like the perfect setting for this, and I have to admit, an Aladin that isn't a good guy definitely has me curious -- don't think I've ever seen him like that before.

    1. I haven´t either. But it kind of fits for the story. Thanks for stopping by.


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