Saturday Sentence #3

Samstag, Oktober 15, 2016

So let´s do this game again, that got started by Lesefee. A little book game, that is for everyone who likes to participate. It is easy to do. Just find your sentence in the book you are currently reading.

Create your post, write a little something over it or not; and on Saturday you can go over to Lesefee´s blog (if you want) and post a short comment where you set a link to your post so that others can read it.

1. Take your current reading.
2. Go to page 158; find sentence 10, and share with us how your “Saturday sentence” reads.

As of today I started reading Glass Sword, so my sentence this time is:

Now I just have to bring them to life.  

For all those who don´t know it, Glass Sword is the second book of Victoria Aveyard´s Red Queen Trilogy. Since I have only read a few pages, I have no clue what that sentence means. But I am about to find out.

Best wishes

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Happy reading

I am Vi, avid reader, book blogger and painter who loves to talk and write about books. A day without one in my hands is a wasted one. Skilled florist with a degree in writing - oh yes, that works. I like many genres, but horror is nothing for me! Have fun.

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  1. Ohhhh interesting! I still need to read Glass Sword (sigh) but I'm dying to find out what will happen in it. Hopefully I can get to it soon!


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