This is a little book game that got started by Lesefee. Everyone who likes to participate can do that. It is easy to do. Just find your sentence in the book you are currently reading. Create your post, write a little something over it or not; and post it along with the logo (you can grab it over at Lesefee´s blog) on your blog.

My Saturday sentence this week will be more like a Sunday sentence and comes a bit late.

Yesterday I didn´t get as far as I would have liked with my blog work and when I thought about this post my laptop was already turned off and I had no drive to get up again and write it. Can happen *smile*

1. Take your current reading.
2. Go to page 158; find sentence 10, and share with us how your “Saturday sentence” reads.

Currently, I am reading Crown of Three. The Lost Realm, so my sentence this time is:

The door slammed behind Lady Vicerin and Sylva with a dull bang.  

This book is the second in J. D. Rinehart´s Crown of Three trilogy. I am reading the German edition and hope that I translated this sentence right. This trilogy is kind of a child version of Game of Thrones.

Happy reading


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