This time, since the year has only a few hours left before 2017 starts, I will do a bit of a different wrap-up. The year is nearly over, and I will reflect on what moved me, the blog and all the things that came along with it and how I am planning on starting the New Year 2017.

Like every year December was a very stressful month. Christmas time is always kind of busy, everyone turns completely nuts and all that is pressed into two weeks when people start realizing, that Christmas Eve is just around the corner. Don´t know why that is, but this year was no exception. In fact, it was worse than ever before.

Is it only me, or is time really flying? Where has the year been? It seems like yesterday that I heard the bells ringing for 2016 and the beautiful firework was lighting up the sky. Well, a few hours to go and it will be happening again. I only hope that the New Year will bring a lot more positive things than the old one brought bad ones. After the past few days, I am really under the impression that this was - when it comes to certain things - the worst year ever.

But the past twelve months have brought me a lot of good things as well. I think especially of all the new authors I could discover throughout the year - among them the debut author Abbie Roads. With her, I shared a lot of firsts. Thanks to her I won my first giveaway; got a signed ARC she sent me by mail across the Atlantic (authors usually don´t do this!) and I received a beautiful card from her – handwritten! Her Fatal Dreams Trilogy is a must-read for every lover of the dark contemporary romance.

Or Sara Humphreys who rocked me with her fantastic McGuire Brothers series, the lovely Sarah Morgan with her beautiful Christmas Story or Marie Force who brought me right back into the breathtaking mountains of Vermont. To name only a few. A lot of wonderful memories showed up in my mind and I enjoyed reading those books very much.

Oh yes, this year was in many ways great - especially when it comes to me & participating in giveaways. I never won so many books and gorgeous swag than I have this past twelve months. I started being part of release tours, signed up for various challenges and met many new people around the globe. AND not to forget the reading!
Believe it or not, but I never read so many books during a year as I did in 2016. At least I can´t remember. I read one hundred and eleven books. In numbers: 111. In Germany, it is called a repdigit. With a total of 40.315 pages. Don´t worry I will not bother you with other numbers. I just wanted to share that *smile*
Oh yes, I know that there are readers who read twice as much as I did. But for me that number is huge and I won´t probably be able to repeat that.

2017 will be the year of changes. But not the kind you would probably expect. I just want to turn a few things around, give little things a little twist and look more after myself. More than I did until now. Some things you have to accept. Some things you just can´t change even if you would love to but not everything is in your power.

But that is okay. I can live with that knowledge, and do my best to stay healthy, well and will live every day to the fullest. I have some really great friends I am thankful for and yes books will still be a great part of my life, even in 2017. And I will continue writing reviews about them and share them on my blog and other places in the World Wide Web; but not the way I used to.
Sometimes you have to stop wondering about things and see if you can change something for yourself without losing the benefit of others.

So I am looking very much forward to what 2017 will bring. And with that, I am closing 2016 and wish you all a great day, a wonderful safe and happy night and we see us (hopefully) safe and sound in the New Year!

Happy New Year



  1. Happy New Year, Vi! Taking better care of yourself is a very good resolution. It is important to be nice to ourselves, it's not always easy, but when we manage, it does us a lot of good.
    I hope your little changes will work out the way you want them to, and I look forward to getting to know you better this year. {{{Hugs}}}
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. True words... Looking forward to get to know you better too :)


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