Well, the cover is not really my thing. But for a children´s book, I guess it is ok. The story is, what matters more to me. Good, I was not that impressed with the first book of this trilogy, but of course, I wanted to know if this would be better. I am not sure why I wanted to read this book. Maybe because I like to finish what I´ve started. So even with the fact in mind, that the first book wasn´t a real hit to me, I read this one, too, in the hope, it would be better.

Crown Of The Three-The Lost Realm*
by J. D. Rinehart
Crown Of Three Trilogy #2
Publisher Aladdin on May 31, 2016
Genre Fantasy
Pages 496
Format Hardcover
Source Publisher

The kingdom of Toronia is being torn apart by civil war. The kingdom´s only hope comes in the form of illegitimate triplets, who are prophesied to kill the king and rule together in peace. Separated at birth and scattered throughout the realms, the triplets face a desperate fight to secure their destiny. Will they survive long enough to rule? The resurrected Kind Brutan and his army of the dead control the city of Idilliam. Outside, Eloide and Tarlan are trying to hold their own army together and find a way to rescue their brother Gulph who is trapped inside the city. Or is he? Gulph has found a passageway to the lost realm of Celestis, which lies beneath Idilliam. There he is reunited with the mother he has never known – but she can´t remember him. If Gulph stays in the city, will he also forget those above ground whom he loves? Meanwhile, Tarlan and the wizard Melchior set out on a quest to restore the wizard´s powers, leaving Eloide and her army to keep watch. But Eloide is betrayed, her troops slaughtered, and she is taken captive by Lord Vicerin, her former guardian, who is determined to use her to get to the throne. Seemingly further from the throne than ever, the triplets will need to use all of their strength and abilities if they are to survive – let alone rule.
Tarlan, Elodie, and Gulph face a catastrophic situation. The bridge is destroyed; Gulph is stuck on the wrong side, his siblings on the other. And during Tarlan and Elodie do their best to free their brother; Gulph is trying to find a way out. But that isn´t easy considering that the city of Idilliam was built on the mountain top and the only way out was the now-destroyed bridge. But Gulph is desperate to get away from his dead father as far as possible. And if that means that he has to go down, instead of out, he will do it. At the end of his way, he´ll find the lost city and secrets he never knew existed.

An invisible narrator tells the story and starts with a prolog in which you get to know some more things about the time when the Three were born and what happened right after it. Then the novel turns into the present of the story and the reader is right in the middle of the war and the scenes where the first book had ended. Soon the Three have to go separate ways. Gulph is already being separated from his siblings and looking for a way out of the city where the dead now ruling. Every step could be his last and he has to be very careful. 

The author shows in The Lost Realm the story about the triplets through three different lines of action. One is all about Tarlan, the other about Elodie, and the third about Gulph. Towards the end, they come together again and something happens you don´t expect to as a reader. The writing style is clear, sometimes blunt, and very bloody and the words are easy to understand. Oka, I admit, some scenes sound a bit weird. And on some pages, you have your troubles to believe what you are reading. But this is a fantasy novel, so that can happen. 

For some reasons some figures in this second book seem to be more stupid than they were in the first one. Three kids fight for their heritage, for something their father wants for himself. Three kids who grew up in completely different environments were raised in totally different ways and yet now, where they are together, or at least two of them, they prove that not everything is different.

Tarlan wants to do everything to free his brother. He and his Thorrods do everything but very soon he has to accept that you sometimes have to step back and look at things from another angle. He still loves to fly, being alone and huge crowds give him the creeps. 

Elodie has to learn the very hard way that the life outside the palace, outside the town where she grew up, is not as colorful as she´s used to. No fancy clothes, no delicious food, or men who know how to behave in the presence of a lady. Because that´s what Elodie calls herself. Life outside the palace is cruel, hard, and every day a struggle to survive. Her change during the story was remarkable and I hope she can keep that up and stay that way.

The Lost Realm is probably not for everyone a good pick. But I guess, all those who love the TV series Game of Thrones will have fun reading the Crown of Three books. For me, those books are not a real hit, guess that is obvious. Though I recommend this trilogy to every child that loves fantasy books.

Happy reading

*I read the German edition new release October 27, 2016, by Fischer Sauerländer.

J.D. Rinehart
Graham  Edwards aka J.D. Rinehart ©private

J. D. Rinehart is the pseudonym for author Graham Edwards. When he´s not writing, he can be found exploring castles, watching films, or hiking through the countryside with Sir Galahad, his pet Great Dane. He loves falconry, and once raised a young falcon he found abandoned. He lives in Nottinghamshire, England.


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