It took me some time to get this list together and to narrow her down to the names listed below. And it wasn´t easy for me to keep my list at the set goal of only ten, but that was necessary since otherwise, my list would´ve been a mile long. At least! In the end, I wrote them down as they came into my mind. The list shows them in random order since I cannot really decide which one of them I like more than the other. They all have a great way of writing books and each one of them got their very individual style. Some of them write in the same genre, but you can´t really compare them with each other – they all have something you won´t find in the other books.

That is, what makes each of them so special!

Sara Humphreys ©private
Sara Humphreys

Abbie Roads ©private
Abbie Roads

Sarah Morgan ©Rosanna_Hancock_Photography
Sarah Morgan

Sandra Brown ©Gregory Heisler Studios
Sandra Brown

Nora Roberts ©Bruce Wilder
Nora Roberts

Karin Slaughter ©Karin Slaughter
Karin Slaughter

Sarah J. Maas ©private
Sarah J.  Maas

Marie Force ©Pamela Sarinha
Marie Force

B.A. Paris ©private
B.A. Paris

Mary Kay Andrews ©Bill Miles
Mary Kay Andrews

The list contains some authors who were quite new to me and which I kind of discovered by accident. Sara Humphreys or Sarah Morgan isn´t new to the reading world, but I discovered them during 2016 and have no clue why I haven´t read any of their books before.  Abbie Roads and B.A. Paris were in 2016 two debut authors and I had to take a break from reading after I was done with their books.  They had quite an impact on me. So I highly recommend them to you.

I know there are many, many great authors out there, and maybe your choice would have been or is another, but thankfully we all have different tastes in what we like to read – would be boring otherwise. I could have listed much more that gave me a great reading experience in 2016. But I decided to keep my list as short as possible and the above-named authors were the result.

Hopefully, the one or the other will capture your interest and you will have the same great time reading them as I had.

Happy reading


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