This is a Friday meme hosted by Patricia of FiktiveWelten. Every week she asks a question that you can answer. Everyone who would like to participate, just answer her question, link to her blog, and write a comment under her post to let the others know that you are participating. The entire rules you can find here.

This week the topic is all about reviews. What is important to me in reviews and what rather frightens me to read it all the way through. Well, a tricky question *laugh* I had to smile and swallow at first when I read it since I am an active reviewer; but interesting anyway.

A review has to tell me how the reviewer felt about the book. If it is exciting and if so why; if it is thrilling, boring, or makes you feel anything but. But most of all: if it is a book that is recommendable or not. The enthusiasm has to show between the lines as well as their disappointment if there is any. I don´t need any spoilers in it, but maybe a quote if there is one that stands out or had an impact on the reader; but that isn´t really necessary either. For me, it is most important that if the review is very critical about a book, it happens in a decent tone.

And I want to see the rating. A review without one is a kind of soup without salt to me. Okay, I don´t judge those reviewers, but I miss it clearly if I can´t see it. I don´t care if that happens in words or symbols as long as it is there *smile*

What do you expect from a review?

Happy reading



  1. Hi Vi,

    well, rating is not my cup of tea because in a few years I'd probably change it from another point of view.

    But because you have not been the only one asking about rating after reading my reviews I'll add a little rating symbol. First one even published today. ;o)

    XOXO, Pat

    1. Yesssss, mission accomplished *laugh* And you got a point there with "the rating might change in a few years". But since I rarely re-read a book I guess I am out of danger here. And if, well, then it is as it is.... Thanks for stopping by.


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