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This week the question is about the scheme in my bookshelves. At first, I thought what a nice question and easy to answer. But then popped this thought up in my mind.

Oh boy, what do I answer now?

I am not sorting my books after color or in any alphabetical order whether by the author, title, or the genre. Yes, I kind of sort them but not with any particular system. I have all the books from one author standing in a row together, yes, and those who belong to a series sorted by number, from left to right, but that´s about it.

The heavy books (mostly hardcover with 500 to over 900 pages) and the non-fiction books which are usually very thin but bigger in their width and height are standing at the bottom of my shelves. All my English books have again another size so I have them lined up in those shelves where I can change the case board to fit them in. And here again, stand all the books from one author in line, but not explicitly sorted by genre. On my shelves, you find the romance novel right beside the fantasy and the thriller author right next to the romance author.

All the books I haven´t read yet, my so-called TBR (a huge pile by the way) are standing at a tall shelf where I just put the books in as they arrive at my place. The newest always on top; hardcover and paperback or mass market paperback mixed wildly together. Good, I admit, that might be not as practical and logical as if everything is sorted in alphabetical order and within that sorted after series, genre, or whatever else aspect there might be. But to be honest, I never thought about a logical shelf system or if others will be able to find a book at my place. And with the knowledge that I will have to rearrange my shelves during this year again maybe I come up with another system that works for me too.

How about your shelves?

Happy reading



  1. Hi Vi,

    dein "System" hatte ich auch schon. Je nach Platz, bei unterschiedlich breiten Regalen, habe ich die Autoren dann so hin und her geschubst, dass auch die Reihen möglichst auf einem Brett standen usw., die Autoren weder alphabetisch noch sonst irgendwie sortiert.

    Sachbücher sind auch bei mir meist unten und noch dazu gar nicht unbedingt mit allen anderen Büchern in einem Raum (Rezeptbücher stehen eben nicht bei Kunstbüchern oder Gartenbüchern ...). Die stehen dann tatsächlich nach Genre beieinander, fällt mir gerade auf. ;o)

    Ein schönes Wochenende,

    1. Ich hab nicht mal die Sachbücher geordnet seh ich gerade. Die stehen so im Regal wie sie angekommen sind :-)


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