Those ice-blue husky eyes – wow! Since I started enjoying this series, I am kind of hooked by its covers. Each one of them is beautiful and shows a gorgeous looking husky. And the story here is so beautiful that even adults can read it. I was waiting very long for this book to come out, and the second I noticed its release date, I knew that I wanted to read it. And when I found it at my library, I took it and went home to see how things will unfold.

Die Geister Vom Rainy Pass*
by Christopher Ross
Alaska Wilderness Series #5
Publisher Ueberreuter on September 12, 2016
Genre Children 12+
Pages 240
Format Hardcover
Source Library

For months Julie has prepared herself and trained with her beloved Huskies: She will participate in the Iditarod, the longest and toughest dogsled race in the world. No one can keep her from her plan. Not the anonymous troublemakers sneaking into the camp at night, nor her friend Steve, who is very worried. But the route over the Rainy Pass is itself feared by experienced mushers and there the disaster really starts. Will Julie pass the race despite everything? 
Julie worked hard over many months, to participate in the famous Iditarod. Her friend isn´t very happy about her plans, and when some fanatic animal lovers try everything and stop at nothing to prevent her from starting; and later do everything to get the race stopped, the situation escalates. Everyone at work is totally understanding that she is spending hours with her beloved Huskies in nature. But not her boyfriend Steve. In fact, when he tells her to give up her plans she is disappointed.

Written in the personal perspective of Julie, the reader gets a fantastic insight into the beauty of the landscape of Alaska and how the weather, snow, storms, and the mountains influence everything. Christopher Ross knows how to fascinate a reader´s eye and head. In a soft, but clear and easy to understand style he describes the beauty of the Alaska Wilderness with a few words. The pictures he creates are of such a beauty that you feel like I-wanna-be-there-at-this-very-moment. And even during the action-filled scenes, this book is great for children and adults alike. The author makes it in a playful manner clear, that this beautiful nature needs to be preserved and protected.

It takes only a few words, and the reader can see all the figures. The author uses their passion for nature, the wilderness, and the animals to show that not everything is ok. That some try to destroy it and that not everyone understands the love for animals as it is supposed to be.

Julie is a strong and very self-confident young woman, a ranger at the Denali National Park. For her, her job, her Huskies, and nature are the most important things in her life. Even her love for her boyfriend has to stand behind – and he isn´t so happy about that.

This is such a wonderfully written novel, with lots of beautiful scenes and a great landscape. I enjoyed every minute reading it and can´t wait for the next book to come out. I have to know how things with Julie and her boyfriend will continue!

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language. The back text is a personal translation of the reviewer.

Christopher Ross
Christopher Ross ©Rolf Eyertt

Christopher Ross is the pseudonym of Thomas Jeier, born in Minden, Westfalen in 1947. He grew up in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. After his apprenticeship as a bookseller, he became editor in chief of a youth magazine. He lives nearby Munich and “on the road” in the USA. For his books and documentary films, he has been decorated several times. 


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