This book turned out to be a real surprise. A nice to look at the cover with a decent motive and where the paper feels like pure silk. Good, the pink isn´t my thing, but the story inside the two bookcases is astonishingly entertaining. And the warmth between the lines, when you read all that polo information told either by Alejandro or someone else, that was another thing I didn´t quite expect. Yes, I guess you can say this book is a page-turner.

Die Wellington Saga-Versuchung*
by Nacho Figueras & Jessica Whitman
Die Wellington Saga #1
Original Title High Season (The Polo Season)
Publisher Blanvalet on May 15, 2017
Genre Novel
Pages 382
Format Softcover
Source Publisher

Georgia never wanted to be a jetsetter. A plain old country vet was fine for her. But one distress call from her best friend and the next thing she knows she´s neck deep in the world of polo´s most elite international players – complete with designer dresses, fine champagne and some of the most gorgeous thoroughbreds she´s ever seen. Some of the most gorgeous men too … Alejandro Del Campo needs his team to win the season´s biggest polo tournament or else he´s not sure how much longer they´re going to be in business. What he doesn´t need is some sassy new vet telling him how to run his business – and distracting him at every turn. But as they come closer and closer to the championship match, it soon becomes clear that Alejandro wants to win Georgia just as much as the tourney trophy. But can he ever convince her his world is where she truly belongs?
Georgia is torn. There is her ex-boyfriend whom she only sees as an old friend. Her father, who would love nothing more but to see her getting married to exactly that old friend. And her best friend Billy who wants her in Florida during the next weekend at a polo match. If only money wouldn´t be such a problem. But Billy has an answer to that and Georgia no excuses anymore. Wellington, Sun, and the easy life of Florida become reality and the cold and strong winter of the north seems far away. 

The first thing I noticed in a positive way was the huge variety of words, the author obviously has. There isn´t one single sentence to find where you read about something twice or a word that is used over and over again. Nacho Figueras writes with extraordinary passion and gives his readers a beautiful insight into the world of high-class sport. Polo is nothing you do just like that. It requires a lot of passion, time, and money. Combined with a touch of romance, intrigue, desperate desire, and hate this novel leads you into the world of the rich and famous where not everything is gold and where tragedy and pain are simmering underneath the surface. 

In other words, the perfect combination of Dallas and Dynasty, only with horses. High Season is brought to you through Georgia and Alejandro and you get to know their thoughts and feelings. Some very hot scenes round up their blooming romance and the fact that a condom is always at hand became a kind of a running gag. But read it yourself, and you will see what I mean *smile*

A rich family struck by tragedy. Alejandro still mourns and his teenage daughter gives him a hard time too. No money in the world can change that. And the knowledge that raising a child during the teenage years without the helping hand of a caring mother is not easy to take for him. And the fact, that in Florida everything has to be perfect, doesn´t make things easier for him. The perfect tan, the perfect body – thank God for the invention of plastic surgery. With the appearance of Georgia, the beautiful looking veterinarian, Alejandro is back to life. And in huge trouble. His own rules complicate everything.

This was a real page-turner. A fast read with great figures and a beautiful story. There isn´t much of a deep plot here, but who cares when you get so well entertained. If you are looking for a nice and easy read during a lazy summer afternoon or while laying at the pool, this is your book.

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Blanvalet in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you for it. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review. The original book was published with the title Nacho Figueras presents: High Season by Forever on May 31, 2016 

Ignacio Figueras
Ignacio Figueras ©Claudio Dogar-Marinesco

Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras is one of the best-known men in the world and the international advertising face of Polo Ralph Lauren. Celebrated by CNN as “David Beckham of the riding sports”, Figueras is beside his work as model captain and co-owner of the award-winning Argentinian polo team Black Watch. In 2009, he was named the second most beautiful man in the world by the readers of Vanity Fair. He teamed up with Jessica Whitman, to write a series about his passion polo. Figueras began playing polo as a child and has become one of the most recognizable and talented polo players in the world. Currently, he splits his time between Miami and Argentina with his wife, Delfina, and their four children, Hilario, Aurora, Artemio, and Alba.


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