Launched by Sonja of A Bookshelf Full Of Sunshine, continued by FiktiveWelten with a new logo. The blog action is for lively communication between bloggers, a good network, and should be fun. Duration of the question: Friday to Thursday. Rules. No registration required. This week the FF is all about how often per week a blogger should post something and the always remaining question how many posts I read while visiting other blogs and how often I post on my own blog.

Well, to be blunt: I don´t care how often you post. Once a week, twice or more, or only once a month. As long as you do it consistently on a regular basis and with some quality you can blog as often or less often as you feel comfortable with. All I want, is, to be able to see your style, your language and that you do what you do with passion, heart and on a level, that talks to me in some way and shows me that you don´t do what you do because everybody is doing it.

I also don´t care if you write about the things that move you and excite you in a short blog post that has only ten sentences or goes over a full page with more than a hundred lines. Or where I must scroll down for what feels like an eternity before I reach the actual end of your post. As long, as you write in a unique style and as long, as that what you are writing about is very interesting, has some humor, wit, irony, sarcasm in it or is telling me true facts in an unusual way, I am more than willing to read whatever you have to say about it from the first word all the way down to the end.

I simply wanna be able to see your personal style in what you´re posting. Whether it be your very own opinion about your blog topic (in most cases books, because I rarely visit other blogs) or something that makes you furious – let me see your very own style, your very own language and that you are eager to bring some quality into your text. I need to find something that talks to me in what way ever. So, if you are posting high quality three times a week or only once a month – it doesn´t matter to me. And I repeat, as long as you do it on a regular basis that I can see, and I like your blogging style – I am more than happy to read it and to follow you.

I and my blogging habits are another story. In fact, I haven´t found the perfect way for me yet. I try to post here on Inkvotary between two and four times a week. But I am not feeling guilty if I can´t reach those numbers. Because blogging for me means mostly having fun and finding some sort of pleasure in it. Don´t get me wrong. I don´t mind posting more often during the seven days a week has, but I can either read a book or write one or two reviews. Doing both at the same time isn´t working. And my private life wants some of my attention as well. Ergo I can´t spend all weekend writing and be scheduling new posts for the upcoming week. Despite that, I like to bring some variety in, too. And besides, I am not much of a planner in the long run. Maybe not the best way to blog, but so far it seems to be my way, and the only way for me to get everything under one hat – blogging, reading, and my private life.

How is it about you?

Happy blogging & happy reading


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