Water & Air by Laura Kneidl

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
I got fascinated by the cover. All the blue, the gold and the decent trimming – looks gorgeous. On the photo and live. This is a novel about hope, change, love and the fight for the better.

Water & Air*
Author Laura Kneidl
Publisher Carlsen on March 3, 2017
Genre Children 14+
Pages 474
Format Softcover
Source Publisher

Since the rise of sea levels, people live in domes under the water or in the air. With her eighteen years, Kenzie has never seen the sun and her life in the water colony is subject to strict standards. After all, she cannot stand it anymore and flees into an air colony to make a new start. But then she becomes the main suspect in a mysterious murder series and only Callum with the mysterious smile holds to her. But not only the two-threatened danger, even the fate of the entire colony is at stake. (personal translation by the reviewer) 


My first book by Laure Kneidl turned out to be something I didn´t expect at all. I expected a futuristic novel playing in a faraway future and where technology is part of the daily life – for everyone. 
Instead it turned out to be novel where a very old-fashioned lifestyle is combined with the technical achievement we have today and where the earth has changed her face once and for all.


Kenzie is, because of a medical problem she hides carefully, not able to fulfill her duties in the water colony the way she is supposed to do it. And with that fact in mind, she knows that she has to do something to have the chance of a long life. She flees to one of the air domes and wants to start all over again. But one person there wants her gone and within no time Kenzie finds herself right in the middle of a fight about life and death. 


Laura Kneidl writes in a simple way and her tone is soft. There is a lot of action in this book and a lot of blood. The author describes the world of the air colony as a cold place where the people only think about themselves. The contrast to life in the water colony couldn´t be bigger. While people under the water surface live a simple and kind of medieval life where only some technical equipment is available to a few; the air colony is a world of luxury, colorful and quite the opposite of everything Kenzie knows. 

I enjoyed reading this book somehow, yes, but on the other hand, despite all the action and bloody scenes, I wasn´t really haunted by it. 


With Kenzie and Callum the author has created main figures who are very impressive and convincing. They are just eighteen years old and yet they have responsibilities and things to deal with, others their age won´t even think of or dream of. 

Kenzie is a strong-willed, stubborn young woman who has a medical problem to deal with. Her way of doing so is leaving the colony she was born into and to fight for a better and longer life in one of the air colonies. She fights her enemies with intelligence, is a badass if necessary and though she has no clue who the rules and the life in the air colony really are. All she knows she knows out of books that are very old.


I enjoyed reading this book somehow, yes, but on the other hand, despite all the action and bloody scenes, I wasn´t really haunted by it. But consider, that the plot is based on a problem we´re facing today, with the rising of the sea level, this novel shows what could be if we don´t start to do something against it.  

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Laura Kneidl ©Larissa Kneidl

Laura Kneidl writes novels about audacious demons, rebellious hunters, stylish vampires and uniformed air born. She was born in Erlangen, Germany, in 1990 and developed early in her life a taste for everything supernatural. Inspired by numerous fantasy novels, she began working on her own book project in 2009, since then her daily life has been accompanied by books, cats, Pinterest and magic.

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Happy reading

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