Sometimes you just need to stick to a series and wait. This third and final book of this trilogy came with many things I didn´t expect and THE COVER - WOW! After books one and two I was really curious how this third and final novel would be. My expectations weren´t very high after the other two books weren´t really mine, but sometimes you can really get taught otherwise. 

Nachtmahr-Das Vermächtnis Der Königin*
by Ulrike Schweikert
Nachtmahr Trilogy #3
Publisher Penhaligon on July 24, 2017
Genre Fantasy
Pages 414
Format Softcover
Source Publisher

Lorena is a Nachtmahr, a wonderful but dangerous being of the night. And she´s on the run. To save herself, Lorena must find an ancient book in which the prophecy of the Nachtmahre is to be revealed. But William, the son of her greatest adversary, comes before her. Lorena must face her worst enemy to save the prophecy. On Williams´ father´s estate, however, she does not expect death, but a passionate encounter. Everything that Lorena has ever considered true is questioned. (personal translation ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Lorena is mourning the loss of Jason and her child. And starting to feel some kind of anger rising inside her towards the mighty Lady. And when she finds out, that Lucy and Raika have found a way to leave Gryphon Manor by night to have some fun, she knows that she has to change something. An old lady brings fantastic news and with them, hope back to Lorena. But hope is nothing you should play with. And when Lorena must learn that she was used again to fulfill the plans of others, she is furious and seeks revenge.

This third and final book of this trilogy turned out to be a real surprise. The language hasn´t changed. Soft and simple and in the usual easy to read way. But the action has changed. Somehow the passive is gone. And with the Councilor coming in again and the fact that another figure is using Lorena as kind of a weapon to get what she wants gives this novel a new turn and a hint of excitement that wasn´t in the others to find. Magic needs magic to survive and the will and strength of an individual to succeed over all its enemies.

Lorena isn´t willing any longer to do what the mighty Lady wants her to do and she´s no longer obeying to all the orders. There is a moment when she realizes that she has to stand up and fight not only for herself but for what she wants and feels that is right. She turns into a fighter and a woman how takes things into her own hands. Yes, she showed a bit of that energy already in book one, but not as much as she does now.

Good, I admit it, the best here (and that counts for the entire trilogy) are still the covers. This last one is one big cover beauty, that´s for sure. The novel itself turned out to be a surprise for me. I had hoped that it would be better than the other two had been but didn´t expect it to become a reading pleasure. So, yes, a nice surprise and a wonderful finish to the trilogy.

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language. The title was kindly provided to me by Penhaligon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you.

Ulrike Schweikert
Ulrike Schweikert ©Isabell Grubert/ Randomhouse

Ulrike Schweikert studied geology and journalism. She has been one of the most successful German authors of historical novels since her fulminant romance book Die Tochter des Salzsieders. Her trademark: fascinating, close-to-life heroines. The author lives and works in Baden Württemberg, Germany.


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