I don´t know what I´ve expected from this book. The cover looks great, shows the main figure and the back promises a haunting story that gives us a glimpse into the future. Guess my expectations were a little too high. This book, as wonderful as the cover looks like, couldn´t live up to them. Sure, I had a good time reading it, but well …

Cell 7*
by Kerry Drewery
Cell 7 Trilogy #1
Publisher Hot Key Books on September 22, 2016
Genre Young Adult
Pages 384
Format Paperback
Source Publisher

A world where justice and the fate of those accused of murder is decided by the public, but has moved on from the Roman Gladiator “thumbs up or thumbs down” public vote, to a public vote by telephone. If you are voted innocent you are set free; if you are voted guilt you are committed to death by electric chair. Those awaiting their sentence reside in ever decreasing cells, getting smaller each day, until Day 7 and Cell 7, where they hear their fate. Sixteen-year-old Martha has confessed to killing a famous celebrity. But has she done it? And if not, why has she claimed the murder? Perhaps she wants to show up the flawed and brutal system by sacrificing herself in the hope of a better world … Or perhaps she is protecting somebody else …
Martha is from a part of the town, where crime, lies, and poverty rule. The chance to become rich and get out of there is very low, if not impossible. But when she is confronted with a person she knows did her very wrong, she sees a chance, to change at least for the others something. But the price is high. Very high.

Kerry Drewery´s language is easy to read although the tone is a bit weird. The plot is, no doubt, well thought through and the story is presented in a nice way. There was no page where I had the feeling that this is boring or strange to read. It might sound confusing, but in the same way, I was kind of enjoying this novel, in the same way, I was a bit annoyed by the characters. At least some of them. And you´ll find some scenes over and over again, and with the same words. At first, I thought someone had only used copy and paste to get some pages done. But that is part of the story and therefore very fitting. My low rating is because of the fact, that the many stereotypes the characters show, are way too overdrawn.

The many figures who play in this book are well compared to each other. The blond who shows such a lack of respect and who really believes that everything that is shown to her out of the cells is for real. She is as predictable as the rich woman who wants nothing more but to keep her lifestyle and her image. And to keep that, she does everything. Even plotting a murder.

Yes, the author knows how to bring figures together. She plays with opposites but she also brings too much of everything in. And that was, was killed in the end most of the atmosphere and the plot. At least in my eyes.

If this novel would have been without all those stereotypes this book would have had a great chance to become a five-star-page-turner. Good, I was entertained and had my fun reading it. But I wasn´t haunted by it or in a feverish state. So only a bit over the average for me. Sad, but the truth.

Happy reading

*I read the German edition new release by One on March 16, 2017.

Kerry Drewery
Kerry Drewery ©private

Kerry Drewery lives in Lincolnshire between the countryside and the sea. She has a first class honours degree in Professional Writing and is the winner of a BBC writing prize. She´s a proud member of Author Allsorts and The Prime Writers. Kerry Drewery likes to run, bike and swim. She is also the co-coordinator of the UKYA Extravaganza events with author Emma Pass which brings readers, authors, and bloggers together to celebrate UKYA talent. Kerry Drewery is now a full-time writer for teenagers.


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