During 2017 I discovered some new-to-me-authors like Kristina Ohlsson, Erin Watt or Sarina Bowen. I read many more authors but narrowed them down to a list of ten. You might miss the one or the other name, but I chose them for the books I´ve read and who impressed me the most.

Since a few months I like to discover new authors, though I am not always happy with the covers, their books have when it comes to the German edition. And I am sure I wouldn´t have read Raphael Montes thriller if I had gone after the English cover. That was, in my eyes, way too girly. But the German edition was one hell of a motive and while reading it, I felt literally sick. This author has a way of digging deep into human psychology and bring out the worst and darkest part a human soul can have, holy Christ!

The style of Erin Watt is the complete opposite. Naïve looking covers, that remind me always of a little girl´s drawings (don´t ask why I can´t explain it) but the insight, the novel itself is wow!  The combination of teenagers, money, and jealousy is well played in their books and speaks to everyone.

Kathrin Lange, a German author, made it on my list because I read her thriller Ohne Ausweg, which totally got me. She writes in a brilliant way about the dark side of a human soul and like Raphael Montes, she knows how to get you with psychological finesse in her plot and figures.

Sarina Bowen entertained me very well with her True North novel and I had the time of my life while reading it during a reading challenge. Her style is full of humor, great scenes, and dialogues and you´ll have no other choice but to love her figures. Combined with a touch of dark in them as well as the plot, she found the perfect way to entertain her readers.

Usually, I don´t like following a hype and read a book only because the entire reading world goes crazy about it. Well, over the past twelve months I´ve made some exceptions. One of those exceptions came out of the feather of Mary E. Pearson. An Australian author who writes incredible good fantasy.

I wouldn´t have picked Kristina Ohlsson from the shelves myself since I am very careful when it comes to Swedish thriller writers. I once started a trilogy by colleagues of her, and I still need to finish that trilogy. They have a different kind of psychology that kicks right in and write about it in a blunt and yet not so obvious way about it – that gives you the creeps. Kristina Ohlsson is no exception. But when I got her books offered, I thought I try them. That´s how she made it on my list.

The rest listed below, Abbie Roads, Viola Shipman (the pseudonym for Wade Rouse), Geneva Lee and Karin Slaughter I guess don´t need many words. Each of them writes in a haunting and very thrilling way. Each of them is brilliant in their own genre and style and know, how to catch their reader´s soul. And I hope that in 2018 I will have the chance to read them again and discover with them new things about the human soul.

Abbie Roads ©private

Abbie Roads

Kathrin Lange ©Susanne Kraus

Kathrin Lange

Karin Slaughter ©Alison Rosa

Karin Slaughter

Sorry, but I can´t provide a picture here
Erin Watt

Sarina Bowen ©private

Sarina Bowen

Raphael Montes ©Bel Pedrosa

Raphael Montes

Kristina Ohlsson ©Anna-Lena Ahlstrom

Kristina Ohlsson

Viola Shipman aka Wade Rouse ©John Quiri

Viola Shipman aka Wade Rouse

Mary E. Pearson ©private

Mary E. Pearson

Geneva Lee ©Derek Henthorn

Geneva Lee

Hopefully, the one or the other will capture your interest and you will have the same great time reading them as I had during the past year.

Happy reading


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