This challenge came to me earlier this year. My blogger friend Isa at Mikku-chan tagged me to show the world some love. Originally this post has looked a bit different. But after a night of sleep and re-reading my words again, it didn´t felt right to publish it, so I started again from scratch. In this challenge, I am asked to show some love to whomever or wherever I want. And since I am better with words by writing a letter or a post for that matter, than I am by talking to an actual person, I decided to do this my way. Though I am called a damn good listener and adviser, I fail most of the time miserably when it comes to me following my own advice I give others in the same situation.

So, here it is, and I hope that you´ll like it and show it some love with a nice comment at the end of it *smile*

What is this Love Around The World challenge anyway? Well, it is all about spreading love. No matter if you write a love letter, write in general about love, and what it means to you or show someone in your close environment some love – you decide how you want to participate. All you have to do is to tell others about it in a post.

Invented was this challenge by Saskia at Life With Saskia. Her blog is run in German, but if you like, hop over and leave her some kind words too.

I want to start this by thanking Isa. You tagged me a few months ago for this. We “know” us from another place in the www (I am sure there is no need for us both to have me write that name here), though we both aren´t in that team anymore.

When I first met you there, I didn´t really notice you, and since you were mostly writing reviews for the Comic/Manga section, there was no need for me to read that work of yours since I wasn´t interested at all in those genres.
Well, over the years that has changed. I now have a different view when it comes to those genres and whenever I am in a bookstore I look at what´s new on those shelves. But I wouldn´t call myself an expert in that field. That is your thing, not my *smile* Though I do appreciate all the knowledge you gave me over the years. It is quite interesting to see your pictures on Facebook or Instagram when you got new Mangas or other stuff that belongs to that niche.

And though we´ve never met in person – yet I might add – we have become dear friends over the years, shared some dark moments, and helped each other whenever needed. And for that, I want to thank you from my heart. It means a lot to me and I am very proud to have you as a friend and in my community.

Pat at FiktiveWelten, is another friend I made in the blogger community over the years. Over the past two years (I guess that is about right) you literally kept me sane while we had our problems and differences with one particular person. It was always a great relief when I could write all my anger, disbelief, and rage about “her” behavior, and all the damn things she thought she could throw at us in an email and get out of my head.
Your humor and witty writing style took me through all the anger and other things. It is a pretty good feeling to know that I can call you a dear friend.

With Anna at Life of Anna, I am tagging another book-blogger. Anna and I met over at Goodreads, and since we found out, that we share in some ways the same taste in books, we became blogger friends.
You´ve helped me with many questions about social media and I like reading your reviews or looking at the pictures you post on Instagram. It is fun to see that we share the same opinion when it comes to certain books we both read. Your thoughts, and how you see things were very helpful and mind-opening for me.

With Ardis at Pondering The Prose, I share the love for books as well. The books we want to read or do read are sometimes totally different, but we both value an author´s work, no matter how we rate the book in the end. You have helped me in many ways without even knowing it. Thank you for that, Ardis.

My next blogger-friend is a young woman I met over the Stacking the Shelves meme I once did too. Don´t ask me why I stopped doing that meme, Alyssa Susanna at The Eater Of Books, I have no satisfactory reply to that.
You are one of the very few that think of me and tag me in a tweet when you see some book-related tweets that are destined for the country I am currently living in. I have no clue why you started doing that, but it is really appreciated. Thanks a lot for becoming my blogger-friend.

And last but not least, I want to tag Trish at Between My Lines. I know you love being tagged and after all, I´ve heard, read and saw from you on your blog and your social media accounts, I guess I am doing the right thing with this challenge since you aren´t obligated to reach a certain goal by reading books. You are one of those book-bloggers who express their love for the written word in a  very special way and it is always a pleasure to read your reviews.

Love is nothing I take lightly. I know from my own experience that love is pain, pleasure, hard work, and the greatest think on earth a human being can experience. If you aren´t loved by someone, you are a poor soul. Being loved by a caring family, to feel that love is the best that can happen to you. And if everybody would know that feeling, the world would be a much better place.

But to see how a person you love is struggling with an illness, and all of the sudden you are in a role reversal isn´t easy to adjust with. I have witnessed over many years how a once big love became an everything destroying power and tore a family apart.

Love is something that can make you fly, do great things, set energy free you´d never thought you´d have until you are right in it. The biggest power that can be as positive as much as it can be the most negative thing you´ve ever experienced.

No matter how you see things, with loving eyes everything changes….

Okaaaay, that was my way to spread some LoveAroundTheWorld. Now it is time to give you some rules. They are easy so don´t be shy and do your own post about love.

  • Explain briefly what is meant by the “LoveAroundTheWorldChallenge” (you are welcome to link back to me and Saskia)
  • Use the header Saskia has created or create your own – whatever you prefer.
  • Spread love!
  • Nominate 7 people (more or less, the number is up to you)
  • Non-bloggers are welcome too.

Happy reading


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