It is crazy: I got a new award! It happened some weeks or better said months ago, but I hadn´t the time until now, to write a post about it and give back the honors. How great, I am totally happy. Good, 2017 is running out and I underestimated the time I´d have left to post such wonderful things and how time-consuming Christmas can be, totally. As if that time of a year wouldn´t happen every year. Well, I hopefully am able to learn and schedule my time next year in December a bit better. But for now, I don´t wanna bother you with my time-problem and give you instead a bit of an insight into me, as a person. So keep reading, and you will learn more.

As most of the awards I was nominated for over the past few months, this one has some rules to obey as well. So I cut right to the small talk - as if anyone would be interested in it anyway, and give you some details about me.

The rules for this award are easy:
1Thank the blogger who nominated you
2Tell 7 facts about you
3Nominate other bloggers

Okidoki, my thanks belong to FiktiveWelten – Patricia, you are the best girl ever. Thanks to you I am still sane when it comes to a certain topic. You are GREAT!

That was the easy part. The next with naming the seven facts about me is a bit trickier. One or two facts, okay, and answering questions, in general, is okay too. But talking about me out of the blue and with no questions to answer, but asked to tell seven (!) specific facts about me as a person, phew, that isn´t quite easy. I am usually not that much of a chatterbox when it comes to me personally, so what the hell am I writing here? *lol*

Okay, now to the seven facts about me:

1 I am a diary girl. Yes, some of you will probably not believe it, but I do have a blue & black- bound diary in which I write with blue ink all the things that go on in my mind. And that is quite a lot. I am not writing every night before I go to bed in it, but whenever I feel like my head is exploding or something touched or moved me in a special way or simply I want to remember it – it goes into my diary. The box where I keep them all is almost full and it is always very interesting to read in my older ones.

2 Don´t ever lie to me. I hate it when people do that. No matter if they do it on purpose, straight into my face or for whatever good reason they think they have. I HATE IT! Period. I prefer the truth, even if it’s a painful and inconvenient one. But rather that than to figure out hours, days or weeks later that I got told a lie. Be straight and honest with me, always. No matter what. I appreciate you way more when I know that I can trust your word.

3 When it comes to books, I can say that I am reading since I was able to read. Writing reviews was first meant to be the first step during my study to get practice and the ability to differentiate between all the various writing styles. Without a doubt, I can say that I am a passionate reader. I remember riding to the library with my bike, a white basket fixed to the carrier and in that basket, was a huge silver bag in which I had all the books from the library. I brought them back and filled my bag with another huge pile of books. I read Enid Blyton´s Dolly series in one swoop, as well as the Hanni and Nanni series and all the other children series that were out and available at that time.

4 As a typical Virgo, I need a clear structure in every aspect of my life. You don´t have to give me every detail, just some basics I can work with and which I can understand, and I am happy. That is one of the many reasons, why my reviews look the way, they do and why my writing style is the way it is. Studying at the HAF helped me to become the reviewer I am today and why I write reviews in the first place.

5 Lefthander. Yes, I am that kind of human being who writes with her left hand. No matter what, if writing, painting, crafting, or sketching things, I do it with my left hand. But when I have to cut something with a scissor, I use my right hand though I have and use a scissor especially made for lefthanders. Weird, huh?

6 Technical stuff is geek to me. I can run my blog, yes. And if I have a proper step-by-step instruction containing some pictures, I am able to handle things. But if you´re asking me to go deeper into the technical stuff a blog has running in his background, I am lost. No matter how often I read stuff about it or try to go into it, my head isn´t working with me on the same side.

7 There are days where I can´t read. Where I don´t touch any book at all. During those times I can´t even write reviews (and if I try everything reads like crap) and it seems that my head simply needs a break from books and everything that comes along with it. Know that too?

I nominate this time

Isa over at Mikku-chan
Anna over at Life of Anna

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope it wasn´t as boring as I fear I am when it comes to me in person.

Happy reading



  1. Congratulations on your award, Vi! I love that memory of you riding your bike with all your books in the basket! I also know nothing about tech stuff - my blog is very basic!

    1. Hi Angela, that memory is one I can literally see when I think about it. Thanks for your visit.

  2. Congratulations on your award! I love Enid Blyton's books too. I have so many of them and I even read them now though I guess I'm "too old" for them. And yes, I suffer from reading slumps too. I usually watch movies during that time. There was a really bad week for me when I didn't review anything for nearly two weeks. Lol.


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