Today is Valentine´s Day and I thought why not do this today after I have it on my to-do list for so long. Good, I might not do it the way Rachel at parajunkee offered it with her thirteen numbers in her post, but hey, writing about romance on the day where almost everyone is celebrating love, isn´t wrong, is it? And what genre shows that best as the romance genre?

Why I Read Romance?

I read romance because I like to remember this thrilling butterfly-moment during the first kiss I shared with him. I kind of relive that every time I read a first kiss scene in a romance novel. Or the moment when they first met, share their first eye contact and the air is on fire. Yap, now I sound a bit cheesy, but I can´t help it.

Reading romance means, I have an easy-to-read novel in my hands. That I share with the characters the ups and downs you have while falling in love. The sheer excitement of the figures when they at first fight their feelings or when they share this love-at-first-sight moment and still have other things to think of before they go all in or jump right in head over heels.

Yes, reading romance means leaning back, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while reading and diving deep into a setting with two figures who seem to be meant for each other. I don´t have to think while reading. I just can let the story flow, enjoy the style, the dialogues and have a good time (or not if the novel is bad and I am not getting warm with the author´s style). And, if it isn´t too cheesy, I am actually enjoying romance novels very much.

The first romance novel that I bought was “Shanna” by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.

Till this day the ultimate romance novel for me. While writing this post I pulled it out of the shelf it is in and looked at the cover. Not sure if publishers would use that kind of style today again, but in some ways, it still seems to fit in our modern times.

In October 2016 I read the modern romance Brave the Heat by Sara Humphreys. I got aware of it when she was promoting her second book in this series, and since I hate starting a series with any book but the first one, I bought it and read it literally overnight. It rocked!

Till next time & happy reading



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