I wanted to read this novel since the moment I got aware of that there was one about Gideon. But to be honest, the platform this novel was originally published, isn´t really my thing. Don´t know why, but I rather read a book in a physical form, or I wait until it comes out as such. And when this one came out, I kind of jumped and got it *smile*

Paper Party Die Leidenschaft*
by Erin Watt
The Royals Series #3.5
Original Title Tarnished Crown
Publisher Piper on March 1, 2018
Genre Novel
Pages 205
Format Softcover
Source Library

As the oldest of the Royal brothers, Gideon has always been the rational one. He lovingly cared for his younger siblings and his mother until she died. He goes to college and trains hard for his sports scholarship. But even Gideon has a dark side and a secret that he has been guarding for a long time. Why did the relationship between him and his great love Savannah break? And will he be able to recapture her heart? (personal translation ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Gideon has made a mistake. One that broke his relationship with Savannah and made his life a living hell. But deep in his heart, he knows that not everything is lost. That she still has feelings for him. And with that knowledge, he is fighting for her and does everything to get her back. There are many hilarious scenes and quick-witted dialogues in this book. As always, the author duo writes in a fast-paced manner and you get to see a lot of awkward and weird things.

Erin Watt doesn´t bother to give you very long descriptions of everything. You get the information needed, the rest is up to your imagination. Quite enough if you ask me. There isn´t one boring page in this book nor a sentence not readable. Everything fits and shows you a world where money and reputation is everything and nothing at all.  

No doubt, the Royal family is fucked up high ten in every way imaginable and at some point, you start to pity their mother the moment you see her appear in the story. While reading the other books I had built a picture of her in my head that didn´t fit at all with the one, I saw from her here. Still a beauty, there is nothing left from the once strong and energetic woman, Gideon grew up with. And the scene, where he has to literally pull Easton out of her drunk and drugged arms, was so sad. And I was wondering why the Royal boys couldn´t tell Dinah to back off. Especially Gideon acts as if he is only thinking that she should leave them alone. Good, being polite is one thing, and it might not be easy for a teenager to tell a grown-up woman when she´s overstepping a line. But when someone gets into your private zone and you feel completely uncomfortable with that, it is your turn to say something.

A story that makes you laugh, wanna cry, and everything in between. It was wonderful to read Gideon´s story and to get to know Savannah from a different perspective. Additional to that I got some answers to my questions I had unanswered from reading the other books in this series. If you can, read it. The English version got published over on Wattpad.

Happy reading

*The print edition of Tarnished Crown was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.



  1. It seems like the books or novellas in this series get published so quickly! I have yet to read the first book, but hopefully I will soon! The series seems well loved. :)

    1. Twisted Palace is my favorite so far. I hope that Piper (the German publisher) will publish the last book very soon *smile* Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my blog! *happy dance*

  2. I need to get back to this series. I read the first book and loved it. I lean towards printed versions as well.

    1. Yes, that series has something. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I'm happy you enjoyed this one so well, Vi. This is a series I've been meaning to read but haven't gotten there yet. I will though...I will. :)

    1. This series is read within no time, Brandee *smile* Thanks for stopping by.


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