The cover is gorgeous! The design is mysterious and beautiful. I am kind of swooning only by looking at it *sigh* And it fits perfectly in the design the first book had. Over months I wasn´t sure if I would get the opportunity to read and review this novel. Lucky me I was able to get my hands on it. And it was worth every moment I had to enjoy it. What a perfect conclusion to the first part.

Deathline-Ewig Wir*
by Janet Clark
Deathline Series #2
Publisher cbj on April 10, 2018
Genre Children 13+
Pages 392
Format Hardcover
Source Publisher

After 16-year-old Josie spent a fateful summer finding her great love in the fascinating young Yowama Ray, she now wonders if her love really is stronger than death. Because Ray has gone over the Deathline to save his tribe and Josies´ world from ruin. But the mysterious events in Josie´s hometown do not stop, and she desperately tries to send Ray a message. If she fails to do so, not only is her home dedicated to the underworld but her love for Ray as well … (personal translation ©Vi  at Inkvotary)
Josie is in desperate need to get an answer from Ray. But no matter what she asks him, he is not answering. The fact, that one of her friends keeps telling her that she just needs to listen to him, isn´t very helpful. So, when she one day sees beautiful blue butterflies in the forest, she believes that Ray is telling her something. And he does. Only that Josie reads his answer completely wrong.

There is magic and mysterious beauty between the pages – amazing. I am not quite sure how the author did it, but with every word, every scene, and every aspect of the native life she got me more and more. Janet Clark´s writing style is simple. Her words full of meaning and yet it is easy to understand that something is wrong. Not wrong with the writing, but within the story. Something dark is getting more and more power and the people of Angels Creek are in fear. Josie knows that the solution lays by the Yowama, but it seems that more and more of them vanish. Her conflict, whether to tell authorities about what she knows, grows by the minute and her friends are not happy with her decision.

Josie is a young teenage girl who just had survived a deadly situation. But the danger itself isn´t over yet. Not for her, not for her family and for sure not for her friends. The author describes her figures over their actions. Sure, you get briefly told how they look, but the more you read the more you see them through what they do and how they feel. 

For Josie life has changed completely since her love Ray crossed the Deathline. The connection she once felt between them is gone, and for some reason, Josie isn´t able to get it back. Though others are telling her, that she is the one, the girl who has to solve it. Her struggle to find answers, to fight against an enemy she can´t see only feel, and to understand what she has to do and when is brought to the reader in a wonderful to read a story.

A wonderfully written end to this dilogy. With many unexpected twists and turns and an absolutely convincing main figure. Good, the end was in a way that I thought wasn´t necessary, but for the plot itself a fitting finish. If you are a fan of ghosts, mystery elements, and the magical knowledge of the native people combined in a thrilling and intriguing story, this book is for you. 

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language. It was kindly provided to me by cbj in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. 

Janet Clark
Janet Clark ©Astrid Purkert

Janet Clark, born in Munich, Germany, didn´t know for a long time what she wanted to be. After a twelve-year-long journey through France, Belgium and later England, she finally went back to Bavaria, where she lives with her husband and her three kids.


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