Tangled up in Tinsel was so much fun! I was cracking up while reading. Hot, steamy, and with hilarious dialogues and scenes. If you love a good romance novel, with a bit Christmas spirit in it – this is your book. I usually don´t like starting a series in the middle. It always gives me the feeling that something is missing – mostly the stories of the other characters who are showing up in the book I am holding in my hands. This is no exception. But since I´ve only missed two, it isn´t a drama. And to be honest, when I saw the German cover of parts one and two, I wasn´t very impressed by them. They look kind of unimaginative.

Zuckerküsse Und Lamettaglitzern*
by Candis Terry
Sunshine Creek Vineyard Series #3
Translation Gabriele Ramm
Original Title Tangled Up In Tinsel
Publisher MIRA Taschenbuch on October 1, 2018
Genre Novel
Pages 363
Format Paperback
Source Publisher

As if the holidays weren´t stressful enough, Parker has his hands full with the opening of his new restaurant. It has to be finished before Christmas because his big brother wants to celebrate his winter wedding in the rebuilt barn on the winery. And although Parker has not looked for a cook, Gabriella suddenly stands in front of him and applies as a chef. The beautiful half-Italian woman does not give up. She suggests a rehearsal for him. If it does not taste good, she promises, she will leave him alone. Parker knows he should not agree, but he can not resist … (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Parker does not know what to do first or next. His head is full of a terrible long to-do list for his new restaurant and his elder brother isn´t helpful either with all his visits to see how much progress he´s already done. And when Gabriella shows up at the site, he knows that he´s in trouble. Because the Gabriella knows what she wants and how to get it. And soon Parker is not only in hot and steamy heaven with her but also in a terrible dilemma. 

While reading I was cracking up. Witty dialogues, steamy scenes, brothers who behave like cavemen and use a language that isn´t from this world – it was one hell of reading pleasure. Candis Terry uses a soft writing style, but her language is straight. She writes with style, but forthright and uses words I didn´t even know that existed. I loved every minute! Sure, it bugged me, that there were obviously parts in this novel I couldn´t follow, like the fact that Parker´s dad had left his family with some financial problems and in this novel, you won´t find out where that came from or the why. To figure that out, it seems obvious that I will have to read the other two books as well, to get the entire picture. But back to this book. The story itself is set in a short time frame. Christmas is coming up and we get to see how the stress is turning Parker into a man who doesn´t know where his head is. His conflict and the rest of the family is brought to the reader´s eye in a very sensitive and warm way. You can literally feel the love this family has for each other and that there is a dark thing that doesn´t let them heal. 

You won´t get much of a figure description from the author. Some words how they look sure, but the rest you´ll see through their acting and behavior. It was lovely to see how the brothers were trying to involve their sister Lily and how they were treating her and the youngest family member. 

Parker is no man who does things the easy way. With drugs and alcohol during a troubled teenager´s time, his past has shown him that not everything is as it seems. He knows only too well that love isn´t for granted and that a working marriage isn´t something you get for free. What he wants is getting his restaurant up and running and bring his family´s business back on track. A woman let alone a wife isn´t on the plan. Casual sex without any commitments is what he prefers. And that´s exactly what he tells Gabriella. Only one night, that´s all.

This was my first but for sure not my last, Candis Terry novel. Hot, steamy, sexy, and with a bunch of great characters as well as hilarious scenes, this book was a great reading pleasure. Good, I don´t understand why the German edition had to get this title, which could be translated into Sugar kisses and tinsel glittering, but well … If you love novels where it can become very hot and you like to read about families and how they act, this could be your book.

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Mira Taschenbuch in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review.

*This book was published Tangled up in Tinsel by Avon Books on September 26, 2018.

Candis Terry
Candis Terry ©Kristalle Terry

Candis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She´s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers. Only one thing has remained the same: her passion for writing stories about relationships, the push-and-pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily-ever-after.


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