2018 has been a cruel one, personally spoken. We lost someone to the extreme heat we had during the very long summer. The old heat record is history. And we got to know the evil face of a long-lasting drought and that we cannot take everything for granted.

Keep reading to see what else happened or is planned in 2019.

As always, I had not really set any New Year´s resolutions for me by the end of 2017. I am not the kind of person who can make them real, spoken about health, fitness or other things. Though I changed some of my old habits a bit.

When it comes to books, bookish things or my reading habits, I have to say that I didn´t read as many books as I´ve done the year before. Somehow it took me sometimes longer to read a book or to write my review about it.

But I don´t see that as a negative thing. Not at all. Reading is still my biggest passion, among music, painting and other things. But I stopped seeing it as a competition. Sure, it still feels weird when I see other book lovers who have read more books than I have. But on the other hand, the books they read are sometimes way shorter than the ones, I am reading, so it isn´t really a negative thing for me.

I finished my New Release Challenge Lexxie at (un)Conventional Bookworms is hosting, with more books read and reviewed than I thought I would and signed up for the same challenge next year.

And I decided to do three other challenges as well.

One is the Library Love Challenge, which is - as the name says - about all the books I will borrow from my library. It is hosted over at Angel´s Guilty Pleasures. I am sure the one or the other new release will be among those books so I can work two challenges at the same time. At least, I hope that will happen. But it did during the past twelve months, so why not next year too?

I also signed up for the Backlist Reader Challenge. Which is hosted by The Bookwyrms Hoard. My TBR is huge, and if I don´t want to get into huge trouble with my family, I NEED to get that pile DOWN A BIT. I pray to the god of books that I will be successful in that field *sigh*

For some reasons, I bought some new audiobooks in 2018. All of them are still unheard. As a result of that, I decided to do the Audiobook Challenge Kimberly at Caffeinated Bookreviewer is doing again. I saw that challenge last year already but didn´t sign up for it. That will be different next year. And hopefully, I will be able to listen to some of them.

One of the positive things during the past year was, that I could manage to change some of my eating habits a bit to the better and that I didn´t gain much weight. Which I see as a positive thing.

Further changes are in order next year additional to those I already made during the past year. I am not vain, not by any means. But I need to feel good in my own skin. And with the fact that I am not getting younger, and don´t want to feel old, some changes are necessary.

Who else will be able to change that, if not me? Hopefully, I can discipline myself enough to do a bit more sport. I am not a runner, but I like to do a strong walk, like Nordic walking and I thought about going back to doing Pilates a few times a week. We´ll see how things will turn out next year. But I am confident, that I can do some of the things I plan to do.

And of course, I will be reading books. Not sure how many, but I will read. That has become a kind of addiction – a good one.

Happy New Year


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