This book was great. And unlike the first one, I had fun reading it. And I like the color combination way more. Sadly, it is currently only available in the German language. I do hope that the author keeps her tone, style, and the way how she has plotted this story. And reading book three will be as much fun as reading this beauty.

Wem Kann Cara Trauen?*
by Annika Harper
Cornwall College Trilogy #2
Publisher Carlsen on November 25, 2016
Genre Children 10+
Pages 312
Format Hardcover
Source Library

Cara Winter has settled in at the boarding school. Does Moritz know what she´s hiding? Can she trust him? For Cara exciting times begin: between spoiled glamor girls, sugary flirts and math lessons she has to learn to go her own way – and gets a dark family secret on the track … (personally translated by ©Vi at Inkvotary).
Cara is back at Cornwall College. This time, she has a guard but is still able to live her life as normal as possible. But the new boy at her school is a miracle to her. And when she figures out that he is always close by, she starts to understand that something is not the way she thought it would be.

In this book, the author has somehow changed her style. The story has hilarious dialogues, is full of action, great scenes and shows the main figure who knows how to work her way through the daily life at the boarding school. Although I could have shot her grandmother to the moon, because of her behavior, it was fun to follow the novel from start to end. The writing style is light, easy to read, and wonderfully designed. There is a bit of humor between the pages, some dialogues are really fun and I was smiling very often while watching Cara and her schoolmates going through their daily routine. If you can call it routine. Unlike the first book of this series, this one was exquisitely diversified.

Cara is a girl who has to overthink every step she wants to do. With an overprotective grandmother and friends who seem to do whatever they want to, she is about to learn that not every family is the same. Even her own family is not what they seem to be at first sight. And when Cara has to learn that her grandmother is doing something that is not far from a crime, she has no other choice but to see what information she can figure out herself. The way how she does it, how she changes are brought to the eye of the reader in a wonderful way. 

What a great novel! I hope that Annika Harper keeps going on with this series the way she has done it in this second book. Fun, action, humor, and witty dialogues make this book really fun. Highly recommended.

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Annika Harper
Annika Harper ©private

Annika Harper studied English in Hamburg and London and works as a translator and in a chocolate shop. She lives with her English husband, two children and three dogs in a cottage in Cornwall. 



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