This was one thrilling ride from the first word to the last. I love the way how the author has brought it all to a logical and very convincing end. In this thriller, you will find a psychological finesse and brilliance that gives you the chill. A fantastic end to the Danehof trilogy and absolutely worth your time.

OXEN Gefrorene Flammen
by Jens Henrik Jensen
Danehof Trilogy #3
Original Title De Frosne Flammer
Publisher dtv Premium on August 31, 2018
Genre Thriller
Pages 589
Format Softcover
Source Library 

To escape his pursuers, Niels Oxen flees to the Swedish archipelago. A doctor picks him up and takes care of his wounds. She even gives the former elite soldier the opportunity to find work and a new home far away to the north, secluded from civilization. But the thoughts of his son Magnus and the fact that the Danehof continues to weave his evil machinations do not let Oxen go. And so, he sets out on a merciless revenge vendetta against the killer of the secret society and penetrates to its innermost center of power. Because he wants to have his old life back. At all costs.
Oxen is back among the living. His nightmares don´t come that often anymore and he is ready to do whatever it takes to get his life back. The thought that he could possibly never see his son Magnus again, is no option for him. But the Danehof people are merciless and so he has no other choice but to fight them from within their own organization. 

With brilliantly polished sentences and explosive scenes, the author here knows how to convince the enthusiastic reader. The end is a bit of a surprise but seems logic. Jens Henrik Jensen again gives the reader a very diversified and action-filled story where a lot of blood is shown, and bullets are flying around. And with the main figure at its best. Niels Oxen does what he does best. Fighting against a merciless and very powerful enemy but this time he knows who they are.   

Great created characters, even though Mossman still is the ice-cold tactician and plays the others whenever he can. The author shows how in a convincingly blunt but sensitive way how Oxen and his fellow fighters have to struggle with the power the Danehof once again showed. Nothing is as it was before, for none. And yet Oxen isn´t willing to play after the rules the Danehof people are trying to dictate. The way how he starts the fight them again, how he uses his ability and skills to get not only his life back but also some sort of freedom from his past, is remarkable. And keeps you on the edge of your seat while reading. 

Absolutely brilliant. Worth every minute of your time. Yes, some things are very familiar in this thriller, but put into the right place and only there to bring the plot further into the right direction. Highly recommended.  

Happy reading

Jens Henrik Jensen
Jens Henrik Jensen ©Heike Bogenberger bogenberger Autorenfotos

Jens Henrik Jensen was born in 1963 in Søvind, Denmark. He has worked as a journalist for 25 years and worked for the daily newspaper “JydskeVestkysten in various capacities, including as editor and head of department. Since 2015 he has devoted himself entirely to the writing of books. His debut novel, Wienerringen, was published in 1997 and in the following years, he published the Kazanzki-Trilogy and the Nina-Portland-series. As part of the research for his books, Jensen traveled to Murmansk, Krakow and through the Balkans. Further travels took him to Australia and New Zealand as well as to North and South America. The three volumes of the OXEN series, which appeared in Denmark from 2012 to 2016, are at the top of the bestseller lists, having already been sold in ten countries, and SF Studios secured the film rights. In 2017, Jens Henrik Jensen won the Danish Crime Award. He lives with his wife and two sons in his hometown. 


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