is a weekly event that was originally hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. This meme is a place that spotlights upcoming releases that we´re eagerly anticipating with pure joy. 

There are a lot of new books coming out each year and some of them catch my attention and will get a spotlight in my Waiting on Wednesday post. While some of them will finally end up here at my place, others won´t. I am joining Tressa at Wishful Endings and her meme Can´t-Wait Wednesday.

I´ve read book one. The second part of this series is on my Christmas Wishlist, so this third one is a candidate for a Waiting On Wednesday post. I would love to know why Harper has to hide, why she´d gotten the death-thread during a call in the first place and how the author is solving the situation. I have so many questions and hope that Christi Daugherty will answer them in this book or at least give me some clues.

Revolver Road
Author Christi Daugherty
Harper McClain Series #3
Publishing Date March 3, 2020
Publisher Minotaur Books
Format Hardcover

Even in the chill of February, no place touches Harper McClain´s heart like Savannah. She should be walking beneath the historic city´s towering oaks, surrounded by graceful mansions. Instead, she´s hiding miles away on Tybee Island after a mysterious voice on the phone warned her that someone wanted her dead. The call was too specific to ignore. The caller knew everything about her. But that was months ago, and she´s getting tired of being scared. Her only escape is her work at the newspaper, where the hottest story in town is the disappearance of Xavier Rayne. The singer had a hit album on his hands and was about to go on tour, but then he walked out of his beachfront home and vanished. The police believe he drowned, but Harper suspects his disappearance may be more ominous than that. Something doesn´t feel right about it. His bandmates and actress girlfriend say he´s run away before. They expect him to come home. Until a body washes up with two bullet holes in it. Now everyone in Rayne´s life is a suspect. As Harper digs deeper into the case, though, the threats against her own life return. The phone call she received was very real. A killer from her past is coming for her. Now, she must solve two murders, or end up dying on Revolver Road…

And what are you waiting for? Let me know your thoughts about this one or leave me the link to your WoW and I check it out.

Happy reading & waiting on



  1. I like the sounds of this. Now I'm curious about the first two books in the series.

    My CWW

  2. I think I own this author's first book after winning it in a giveaway. Great choice!

    1. Thank you. Hope you will find the time to read it. Thank you for your visit.

  3. Sounds like it will be a good mystery. I'm partial to books set in Georgia so I will check it out. Thanks for sharing. My WoW

    1. You are welcome. And thank you for stopping by.


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