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Stacking The Shelves #95

No new books have arrived.

Sunday Post #52

I am glad that the week is over. I feel miserable and have to admit that the entire bathroom situation has finally its impact on me. Somewhen last week I was searching a solid half-hour for some vegetable broth – and almost turned nuts over it! And I had to learn that I am not able, at least not at the moment, to be all smiles and fun and a good girl when I talk with my father. His dementia has gone worse and we don´t know if we can celebrate his birthday next week or not. I called him on Friday to see how things are and while we were talking, his mood changed. The call ended with him in rage and me in tears. It is so damn hard to see a man who was always the one whom I could turn to for advice or help, now being so aggressive within an instant. If something is not in the right place at his home, hell breaks loose. Literally. I try to tell myself that it isn´t him who accuses me of all the bad things, that it is his illness, but still, it is hard to keep a light tone and smile in your face while you are treated like a bloody thief. I am still shaken to the core.

Additional to that I am talking a lot with one of my good friends. A wonderful woman who now needs help but is not really ready to admit that to herself. I know what she is going through and what would help her, and when we text each other she always confirms that her Doc told her the exact same things as I do. Well, I must have done something right at some point in my life when I am at least able to see the situation and analyze it others are in, right?

If everything goes as planned, I might have my bathroom wall fixed and everything back in place again before Christmas day. At least that´s what the mason keeps telling me. Either he is a magician who can create a new wall within no time with a wand or he is using a material and a technique I am not sure I can trust or want. Well, I will know more next Monday.

Yesterday I spent half the day getting my spring 2020 book list done and emailed to the publisher. And boy is that list long! If all my requests get approved, I will be a busy reading bee for at least the first half of 2020. Some books I´ve been waiting for months to see on the publisher´s website finally appeared, and it was like spending some hours in paradise.

About the Christmas decoration. I still have nothing decorated. And I know myself that much, that I will probably only have my Advent wreath out and its candles burning by next Sunday but nothing else. I am far away from being near any Christmas mood and know that if the mason can keep his word, I will be cleaning my entire apartment from all the brown dust that comes out of the open wall before I can sit down and relax and enjoy a good Christmas meal or Christmas day at all.

How was your week?

Happy reading



  1. Vi I am sorry to hear about your father's dementia. This is the worst that can happen to someone. Sending you positive vibes!

  2. I hope this week things improve and your construction / repairs are completed. Look forward to those great new reads coming up!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    1. I hope that too. The mason keep telling me that the work is finished by Friday afternoon, so I hold my fingers crossed that it will be true.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Dementia can be so awful, I've seen it in my own family as well when people just change so much. It's infuriating and sad and everything else. My best wishes to you s you deal with that.

    Good luck with the bathrom wall stuff getting done!

  4. Sorry about your father. We went through the same thing when my grandma got dementia. She’d hide her stuff and then accuse people of stealing it. It was really hard to be patient with her when she was being awful to everybody.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. It is not easy to handle and a very sad thing. Thank you for your words.

  5. So sorry to hear of your father's mood changes. It is absolutely classic behaviour for someone with this illness. I know my mother had to deal with the same sorts of accusations from my grandmother, who would never had done such a thing if she'd been in her right mind. It's so hard seeing someone you love and respect turn into a person you no longer recognise...

    I very much hope your builder isn't giving you a load old bull regarding the wall to your bathroom - surely it would be the best Christmas present ever to have it up before the Christmas holidays! Here's hoping the next week is an easier one for you, Vi:)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is not easy to see my father like that but we all know that it is only a matter of time before his illness takes over completely. Sad and painful.


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