Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week the theme is all about the author´s I´ve read the most books by.

When I went through all my shelves it didn´t surprise me much to discover that the most books I own and read were written by the Queen of Romance, the one and only Nora Roberts. My list shows ten authors I´ve read the most books by in the order of the numbers I have them on my shelves. Most on top, least at the bottom.

Nora Roberts ©Bruce Wilder

1 Nora Roberts 
She is my most anticipated and read author. My shelves are literally exploding with her work. And with around seventy-plus books I´ve read and owned coming out of her writing-feather, I guess she earns the first spot without a doubt and with a huge distance from the rest of my list.

Sandra Brown ©Andrew Eccles

2 Sandra Brown 
Her work is always a great pleasure for me. But only if I read her thrillers. Her romance books are not really mine, although I own some of them too. Over thirty of her books have found a home at my place.

Mary Higgins Clark ©Bernard Vidal

3 Mary Higgins Clark 
The late Queen of Suspense is number three on my list. With around thirty books. 

Karin Slaughter ©Alison Rosa

4 Karin Slaughter
She loves to shock her readers with the unthinkable. I will never forget the scene where she let one of her main figures die without blinking. Her list appearance is due to around twenty-two books I´ve read by her.

Tess Gerritsen ©Derek Henthon

5 Tess Gerritsen 
Her Rizzoli & Isles Series was the reason I became a fan. Today I found out that I own and read around sixteen books by her. Not as many as I thought but many enough to find a place on my list.

Sarah J. Maas ©private

6 Sarah J. Maas 
The creator of the famous Throne of Glass Series. It all started with the fantastic cover of the German edition, that made me a fan. Today she is with twelve books a candidate for my list.

Karen Marie Moning ©Jonathan Gibson

7 Karen Marie Moning 
She has made number seven on this list. Also, with twelve books but I had to draw by lot between her and Sarah J. Maas and she´s made number seven. 

Julia Quinn ©Roberto File

8 Julia Quinn 
For some years she was one of my favorite authors. Her series about The Bridgertons siblings is romance with pure wit, humor and incredibly charming. And with nine books she deserves a spot on my list. 

Joanne K. Rowling ©Mary McCartney

9 Joanne K. Rowling
Oh yes, the Harry Potter author. I´ve read the eight books of this series with growing pleasure and although I own some more books written by her, I can only count the HP series. Therefore, she makes spot number nine.

Diana Gabaldon ©Christine Strub

10 Diana Gabaldon
And last but not least the creator of the famous Outlander Series. That series is the reason why she is on this list as well. Good, I have only eight of her books here at home, but I read every single one of them and am looking forward to the next one in her Outlander series. 

And what are your most read authors?

Happy reading



  1. Karin Slaughter sounds like an author I'd like. I do like it when an author can shock me or do the unexpected. Karen Marie Moning is another one whose books have looked good to me in the past. Nice list!

    1. Thank you. To be honest, I was not really happy when Karin Slaughter killed that one figure *lol* But I agree with you. We readers need a shock or surprise otherwise it would become boring.

  2. Sarah J. Maas is part of my most read authors as well I think!

    1. She has a wonderful fantasy. I love the world she creates in each of her books.

  3. Nora Roberts is at the top of my list too. And Diana Gabaldon would make a list of favourites but she doesn't write fast enough to be on my list of most read authors!

    1. I had one spot left and thought she would make a great fit. But I agree, she doesn´t write fast enough *smile*

  4. Nora Roberts is a great choice!

    My TTT .

  5. Sarah J Maas is one of my most read authors too, I love her books!
    My TTT:

  6. I love Mary Higgins Clark's stories!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  7. Gerritsen made my list too. Eleven from the series (without Isles or Agent Dean, I couldn't bring myself to read the first one) + Under the Knife, which was...not very good and totally put me off reading anything outside the R&I series, even though I realize that she must have other very good ones written more recently and that a 90s romance thriller was never going to be quite up the same level.

  8. JK Rowling made my list too. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books and a few of the companion/spin-off things.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I´ve only read her HP series and the script of HP on stage. But I do have some of her other books she wrote as J.K. Rowling and as Robert Galbraith at home. One day ...


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