I know the author from her Green Mountain series and Butler Vermont series and wanted to know how her style is when she writes in a bit different genre. The cover caught me first and when I discovered that this novel had been published already under two different names and by another publisher, I thought I´d give it a try. And to be honest, this was almost an overnight read for me. And pure reading pleasure. 

Fatal Affair-Nur Mit Dir*
by Marie Force
Fatal Series #1
Original Title Fatal Affair
Publisher HTJB Inc on March 18, 2020
Genre Thriller
Pages 456
Format Paperback
Source Lovelybooks

Detective Samantha Holland is under pressure: her last case ended in disaster, so a new murder comes in handy. Well-known Senator John O´Connor was brutally murdered in his bed. Sam is convinced: With this explosive case, she will restore her good reputation and save her career – that much is certain. But she did the math without the dead man´s best friend, Nick Cappuano, her most important witness – and lover, with whom she had spent a very intensive night years ago. And which she could not forget until today. She would never have thought that every fiber of her body would pull together with relish and that her heart would become buttery soft as soon as she faces Nick. The attraction between them seems unbroken, perhaps stronger than ever. (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary).
For Sam, the new case means a chance to restore her reputation. But when she discovers that Nick, her former one-night stand, is the important witness she needs to solve the case, she knows that she has to face even more problems. And Sam decides to keep that a secret and to do her job the best way she can. Not easy when the man you want more than anything else in the world, is doing whatever he can to show you that he isn´t controllable like the other men. 

The reading pace is fast. The plot itself very diversified despite playing in only a few settings for the entire time. The author shows in a well-written story the life of Sam and Nick and how they cope with whatever life throws into their ways. Marie Force´s writing style is full of action, wit, humor, and erotica. The author, no doubt about that, created her figures with a sensitive feeling for them and their past. The fact, that Marie Force gave her protagonist a “stigma” in form of dyslexia made me think of a series that I also read where an agent has also to deal with it. Only here does the author give the reader brief information about it while in the other series the author shows more details. 

I first read the bonus story One Night With You, which is included at the end of this book. It was wonderful to see how the two main characters deal with their past in the subsequent storyline. 

Sam is a fantastic woman and a detective. She instinctively knows how to handle a situation and does her job in a fantastic way. There are many great scenes in this thriller and some that made me burst out laughing while reading it. Her wit, her way of dealing with things, and the way she treats her partner are great. Sure, she´s changed a lot from the young woman who spent a night with Nick many years ago to the woman she is now. Things have changed in the years in between and made her much more cautious. But Nick knows how to deal with her and how he does it has melted my heart. He is the perfect man for Sam. 

A great thriller and a wonderful start to a new series. I like that the tone and style are different from the two other series I know from her. Gives this new series the feeling of another great adventure. The mix of thriller, erotica, action, and emotions are fantastic, and I know that I want to read more about Sam and Nick. The only aspect I don´t like at all is the quality of the paperback. I´m talking about the presentation, not the novel itself. To charge around 14 Euros for this is bold. 

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Lovelybooks in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review. The German edition was previously published “Mörderische Sühne” and “DC. Affairs: Fatales Geheimnis”

Deutsche Rezension

Das Lesetempo ist schnell. Die Handlung selbst ist sehr abwechslungsreich, obwohl sie die ganze Zeit nur an wenigen Schauplätzen spielt. Die Autorin zeigt in einer gut geschriebenen Geschichte das Leben von Sam und Nick und wie sie mit allem umgehen, was ihnen das Leben in den Weg stellt. Der Schreibstil von Marie Force ist voller Action, Witz, Humor und Erotik. Die Autorin erschuf zweifellos ihre Figuren mit einem sensiblen Gefühl für sie und ihre Vergangenheit. Die Tatsache, dass Marie Force ihrer Protagonistin ein Stigma in Form von Legasthenie verlieh, ließ mich an eine Serie denken, die ich auch lese, in der sich auch ein Agent damit auseinandersetzen muss. Nur hier gibt die Autorin dem Leser kurze Information darüber, während die Autorin in der anderen Reihe weitere Details zeigt. 

Ich habe zuerst die Bonusgeschichte One Night With You gelesen, die am Ende dieses Buches enthalten ist. Es war wunderbar, mitzuerleben, wie die beiden Hauptfiguren in der anschließenden Handlung danach mit ihrer Vergangenheit umgehen.

Sam ist eine fantastische Frau und Detektive. Sie weiß instinktiv, wie man mit einer Situation umgeht und macht ihre Arbeit auf fantastische Weise. Es gibt viele großartige Szenen in diesem Thriller und einige, die mich beim Lesen in Gelächter ausbrechen ließen. Ihr Witz, ihre Art, mit Dingen umzugehen und wie sie ihren Partner behandelt, sind einfach großartig. Sicher, sie hat sich sehr verändert von der jungen Frau, die vor vielen Jahren eine Nacht mit Nick verbracht hat, zu der Frau, die sie jetzt ist. Die Dinge haben sich in den Jahren dazwischen geändert und sie um ein Vielfaches vorsichtiger werden lassen. Aber Nick weiß, wie er mit ihr umgehen muss und wie er es tut, hat mein Herz zum Schmelzen gebracht. Er ist der perfekte Mann für Sam.

Ein großartiger Thriller und ein wunderbarer Start in eine neue Serie. Ich mag es, dass der Ton und der Stil sich von den beiden anderen Serien unterscheiden, die ich von der Autorin kenne. Verleiht dieser neuen Serie das Gefühl eines weiteren großen Abenteuers. Die Mischung aus Thriller, Erotik, Action und Emotionen ist fantastisch und ich weiß, dass ich mehr über Sam und Nick lesen möchte. Der einzige Aspekt, der mir überhaupt nicht gefällt, ist die Qualität des Taschenbuches. Ich rede hier von der Aufmachung, nicht dem Roman selbst. Dafür rund 14 Euro zu verlangen ist schon dreist.

Marie Force
Marie Force ©Pamela Sarinha

Marie Force is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling, award-winning author of contemporary romance. She writes series as well as stand-alone novels. While her husband was in the U.S. Navy, Marie lived in Spain, Maryland, and Florida, and she is now settled in her home state of Rhode Island. 


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