Unlike others, I like to present my list of best books for the past year when the year is actually coming to an end or already over. I don´t see a point in creating my list while we still have December and I am still reading books until New Year´s Eve. You never know if the last book you´ve read during the last days of the year is a candidate for the best-books-list or not. 

My list for 2020 shows the cover of the English edition and some German covers. But I read and reviewed the German edition that came out as a new release in 2020 in Germany. I show them in random order because each of them is unique in its own way and entertains its readers, or me in that case, way beyond anything a book is usually capable of doing so. 

My List

(Im Garten Deiner Sehnsucht by Viola Shipman)

(Der Geheime Schwimmclub by Mary Kay Andrews)

(Dein Platz In Meinem Herzen by Paige Toon)

(Schneeflockenglitzern by Sue Moorcroft)

(Die Verstummte Frau by Karin Slaughter)

(Der Orden Des Geheimen Baumes I + II by Samantha Shannon)

(Henrys Hemlighet by Kristina Ohlsson)

(Die Chroniken Von Mistle End-Der Grei Erwacht by Benedict Mirow)

From all the books I´ve read in 2020, those were the ones who stood out and had a deeper impact on me than the others.

Happy reading



  1. Karin Slaughter is my #1 author EVER. I met her twice and got to ask her questions during an interview, she's awesome and so is her writing! Love to see her on your list.

    Wishing you a GREAT 2021, in your personal life AND bookwise ^^

    1. You are a lucky girl! Wishing you a great 2021 too. Stay safe and well!


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