My wrap-up post for the New Release Challenge in 2020 will give you a bit of an insight into my goal and if I reached it or even went beyond it. My goal this time was to become a New Release Newbie and maybe gain the next level as long as the year is still going on. 

To be clear. I only counted and used the reviews I posted here on my blog for this challenge. I did it the past years and see no reason why I should change that. Though Lexxie is giving us the possibility to use our Goodreads account, too.

My reading contains English originals as well as German editions. Therefore it can happen that you´ll find books on my blog or in the Link-up over on (un)Conventional Bookworms, that show the cover of the German edition that came out in 2020 though its English edition was already being published the previous year or earlier. It depends if I got the book from a publisher or bought it myself.

Due to the fact, that the levels got changed over the years and newly arranged, I am unable to reach again or defend my once reached New Release Enthusiast. I hit that in 2016 when the book numbers were way lower per level. I am not complaining, not at all. This challenge is fun, every year no matter what level I reach. And that´s what counts. The books I read are around 250 pages strong and longer. And despite being a fast reader, it is impossible for me to achieve a goal of 100+ books. 

In 2020 I reached my goal of becoming a New Release Newbie and went beyond it with a total of 31 reviews and by hitting the level of a New Release Pro. I reached the level last minute but am proud as heck that I went beyond the first level of his challenge. This year I won´t list all the books I´ve read for this challenge. But if you want to use the tag/label 2020 New Release Challenge, you can find all the reviews I wrote for this challenge via the blog's homepage. Or you can hop over to my Goodreads 
account, become friends with me and see what I marked as 2020 New Release

Happy reading


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