Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week the theme is all about bookish hopes I have for 2021. I present them in random order. Couldn´t decide which one to put first or last.

1-Read more library books.
I am participating in the library love challenge again this year. I didn´t reach my goal of twelve read library books in 2020 and the fact that I have over forty library books at home – due to the current lockdown and the fact that my library has moved into another building and asked us, readers, to borrow as many books as we could in December 2020 -, I ended up with a huge pile of library books at home. So there shouldn´t be a problem in achieving my goal of at least twelve read books from the library.

2-Write my book review before starting to read the next one.
During the last couple of years, I noticed that after I had finished one book, I directly started the next one without writing my review for the previous book first. With the result that it was sometimes hard to write my review while reading already another story. Hopefully, that will change in 2021.

3-Read the books I already own.
I have a huge pile of books at home I bought myself. The problem, I guess, is, I always put those books first in line I receive from a publisher. They come with a deadline and therefore I am under some sort of pressure to read and review them within a certain period. Well, let´s find out if I can change that a bit.

4-Read more books from my backlist.
I used to do challenges that were all about reading books from the backlist. With almost no success for me. I either read only one or two books from that list during a year or none. So, in 2021 I am not participating in any of those backlist reader challenges (at least not so far) with the hope that I will read more books I could easily sort into that field and have either already at home (which would make me able to knock them off my list I wrote about under point 3 or give me the opportunity to read for point 1). 

5-Start to like the concept of DNFing.
I usually don´t do DNF. Not because I don´t want to but because all the books I´ve read during the past years was a book I had received from a publisher. And those titles I must read completely to write my review. My hope for 2021 is, that I can DNF a book I bought or borrowed from the library when I start feeling that it would only be a waste of my time. Let´s see how that will work.

6-Give my bookshelves a new sorting.
I have countless books at home. But I noticed during the past year that when I look for a special title, I must go through almost all my shelves to find it. Which is a bit annoying. So, I started to think about how to sort them and maybe do a bit of rearranging my shelves within my apartment. I know it will cost me some time, energy, and nerves to get it done the way I want it, but it is worth a try, isn´t it? The only remaining question is, how to sort them. In alphabetical order of the author's name or in another? Questions after questions and still no clue which works best for me. 

7-Buy fewer books or stop buying new books at all.
Well, not sure about that, to be honest. I already stopped buying every new book I am interested in because books have become expensive even in Germany. But one for my birthday and Christmas is still allowed, isn´t it? So, I will see how successful I will be with that goal.

8-Read more classics.
Usually, I don´t read classics. Or better said, not anymore. I did that during school but nowadays I read more mainstream than anything else. But with the discovery of the classic shelf my library has (and had for over twenty years now), I hope that I will read at least one book from it this year and knock off a book from point 1.

9-Read more eBooks.
I have a ton of eBooks on my cellphone reading app. But rarely read them. Except if I do the Fraterfest- or HoHoHo-Readathon. Maybe 2021 gives me the time to read some of them without doing a challenge. 

10-Achieve my challenge goals.
I want to read at least twenty books for my Goodreads reading challenge. Twelve for my Library Love challenge and thirty for the New Release Challenge. *fingers crossed* that I will be successful here.

And what are your bookish hopes for 2021?

Happy reading



  1. I have a ton of ebooks waiting to be read, too. You're not alone there. :)

    My post.

    1. Guess I need to stop with the free ebooks *lol*

  2. Reading books I already own is on my list, too. It's so hard with all the new, shiny books coming out!

    I hope you learn how to DNF! My reading life has seriously been so much happier and more fruitful knowing that I can DNF a book. I actually read more books (because I don't spend weeks avoiding the one book I actually don't want to read), and I've started giving books outside of my comfort zone a try, knowing that I don't have to read them if I end up not liking them. I've discovered so many new favorites because of it!

    Here's my TTT post.

    1. DNFing a book I requested from a publisher is not an option. I will only be able to do that with library books or books I bought. Will see how that goes in 2021.

  3. Great list - a lot of us are trying to support our libraries and independent bookshops more, and they certainly need that support after last year more than ever! Like you I don't like the idea of DNFing a book - I might drift away from and then come back to a book later. These are my bookish New Year Resolutions, and some that I know I could not achieve!

    1. I used to go to the library three times a week if possible. The digital library is not really my thing. So we will see how things work out for me this year.

  4. I'm the same with reviews. I have to write it before I start another book, or it get all screwed up lol. Same here with sorting and bookshelves. I can never decide how I want to sort them. :)

  5. These are ambitious resolutions I should make, but didn't! Good luck with your goals and I hope you enjoy the journey even if you don't hit the numbers on all the challenges!

    1. The route is the goal, isn´t it? *smile* Having fun during these dark times is what counts most.

  6. I hope you are able to achieve all of these goals. I've been wanting to read or re-read some classics this year. I just always get so distracted by the shiny new books, lol.

    1. I hope that too. But you are right. I, too, get too easy distracted by all the shiny new books *lol*


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