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Stacking The Shelves #150

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Sunday Post #107

Last Sunday I did some blog visiting, tried to read, and was watching some movies. From Monday on every TV channel was reporting the fact that about a year ago, on 27th January 2020 Germany had its first confirmed Covid-19 case reported. How life has changed within twelve months is beyond everything I´ve ever imagined or experienced.

Besides that, I had to go to the supermarket to get myself some fresh food. And for the first time, I was wearing a medical mask. It was a strange and unfamiliar feeling. I discovered that fewer people were out and about and that, thank God, I can buy FFP2 masks at the information counter for way less than I´ve paid at the drugstore for it. What a relief. It was also the day I found out, that the entire house is getting a new plug for TV, internet, and telephone. I spoke with some of my neighbors about it and my hope, that I could avoid that appointment vanished. Dang.

The next day, Tuesday, I was very productive. I wrote four reviews, scheduled some blog content, and started writing this post. It is windy outside, and I have no reason to go outside. So why not write some blog content. I read somewhere that the Germans developed a much healthier lifestyle during the first year of the pandemic. Apparently, we buy way more fresh fruits and veggies and salad than we have in the years before. And that could become a problem. We get about 80 Percent of our fruits and around 60 Percent of our veggies from Spain. And that country is now on the high-risk-list and the truck drivers coming from there not only need to notify Germany upfront that they are coming but they also need a negative PCR-test. Not really doable within the required time under the new infection law.

Wednesday was a quiet day. Literally. Thursday was quite the opposite. Two technicians were running through the house, changing a tiny box in each apartment and it was soon obvious, that the timeframe, the company had mailed us, had been a mistake. The two men were in the house all day. It was exhausting. Ugh!! I tried to read the book The Dragon Republic while waiting for the technicians to come to my apartment and managed to read a few chapters. But I am not even halfway through the novel, and it is already what I call a “stretching novel”. It doesn´t seem to end. Oh boy.

On Friday I heard for the first time, that the new virus mutation is spreading fast in Germany. Our health office is now not only publishing the Covid-19 new infections but also those who have the B.1.1.7 mutation. And THAT number is more frightening to me than the other corona number ever was.

I am glad that Saturday is over. The morning was a lazy one. Around noon I went to get myself some fresh veggies and fruits again. Later that day, in the late afternoon, I called my parents to see how they were doing. They are bored like hell but stay at home. The only thing they do is going for a walk. And even that has become boring. It is sad to say it but the fact, that we have a mutation now with soaring numbers is what finally managed to make them afraid of meeting others. We were talking for almost an hour because of the new vaccine situation. They want to get it as soon as possible but booking an appointment via a small smartphone display is almost impossible. I told them to call me or better my stepsister when they receive the letter from their health insurance to help them with the appointment. The rest of the day I tried to read and went to bed early. I was worn out.

Now, today, I am watching a bit of TV, wrote this post, and hopefully, I will be able to do some blog visiting later. And I apologize for not answering your comments right away. I am not as often online as I used to be. But to be honest, I fear that I am just too overwhelmed with all the information flooding in. It is too much at the moment.

How was your week? Stay safe and healthy.

Happy reading



  1. So sorry that you are also getting zapped by this new highly infectious variant. We've been battling with it here in the UK since before Christmas, which is why we are now back in lockdown and will probably stay that way until March/April. I'd rather they left it a few more weeks until they are sure enough of us have been vaccinated so that we don't go back into lockdown again. But our lot have a habit of easing up too fast *sigh*. I hope the coming week is an easier one, Vi...

  2. Stay safe. We had periods where our food prices were very high and meat was scarce. Overall prices have increased significantly due to the pandemic.

    1. I support that the local supermarket is buying its veggies and fruits from local farmers. That is absolutely fine with me because they are having a hard time too during the pandemic. But I only buy now the seasonal things and those on sale. Oh well ...

  3. It is indeed crazy how our world changed in 12 months!

  4. Things continue to be unbelievably crazy. If it's not one thing it's another. I am glad we continue to stay home mostly and don't mind. I'm glad we are able to get deliveries from many different stores rather than go out to shop. Stay well!

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    1. I hope that we are able to turn things around this year.

  5. What a year it's been, for sure! I'm glad that Germany is eating healthier now, but yes there always seems to be a problem, right?

    Same here with my mom- -she's high risk and older so she doesn't get out much either. Very bored but i keep trying to find ways to occupy her!

    the new variation is scary. Take care of yourself!

    1. A gosh, hopefully this year will turn things around at some point.


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