Today publishers, bookstores, libraries, schools, and reading enthusiasts across Germany celebrate a large reading festival on UNESCO World Book Day. No matter what genre, no matter what author, no matter what age – reading is always possible. A regional tradition has become an international event.

In 1995 UNESCO declared April 23rd to be “World Book Day”, the worldwide holiday for reading, books, and authors´ rights. The UN organization for culture and education was inspired by the Catalan custom of giving away roses and books in the name of the popular saint St. George. In addition to this custom, April 23rd has a special meaning for another reason: it is the anniversary of the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.

So, no matter if you prefer reading a book yourself or have another person read them to you, no matter if you like to listen to an audiobook or want a printed edition in your hands or love to read an eBook: The World Book Day is celebrated and enjoyed by millions around the globe.

Happy reading



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