It is not my first Danielle Steel novel, but one of those I wrote a review about. If you are looking for an enjoyable afternoon read, this is a good choice.

The Cottage*
by Danielle Steel
Publisher Dell on February 4, 2003
Genre Novel
Pages 400
Format Paperback
Source Publisher

A sunny morning in Hollywood. The wrought iron gates to the park of the country estate “The Cottage” slowly open to let in a shiny Rolls Royce. In the back: Cooper Winslow, movie star and aging playboy. But nothing is what it seems because Cooper is broke. When he met the wealthy pediatrician Alex, he was courting her for not exactly romantic reasons – without realizing how quickly he fell under her spell. Then a young woman appears to pretend to be his daughter, and the easy life in the noble country estate seems to be over for good. Should this be Cooper´s greatest opportunity?
The old movie star Cooper Winslow must get used to the fact that he´s broke practically from one day to the next, at least it seems to him. To get rid of his mountain of debt, and in order not to lose his house “The Cottage”, he rents his guest wing of the main house to Mark and the gatehouse to Jimmy, with whom fate is currently not exactly good. Little by little the three men, who couldn´t be more different, get to know each other and Cooper begins to change little by little. Jimmy and Mark are slowly recovering from their wounds and when Mark´s children, the pediatrician Alex and Cooper´s daughter Taryn appear, a time of new beginnings and healings begins for the three men.

Danielle Steel wrote the moving plot of this novel sensitively and with simple words, but precisely because of this extremely effective. There are pleasant, sad, and melancholy passages, but the positive always comes through. Danielle Steel only hinted at love and passion, but the words she used for them leave the reader in no doubt what is happening, and your own imagination can be wonderfully brought in.

Danielle Steel´s characters stand out of their charm, feeling, understanding, and strength of character, even if the protagonist Cooper Winslow behaves like an absolute narcissus, selfish, and to the limit of arrogance. But in the course of the plot, a clear development of his character for the better, for thoughtfulness can be seen. He changes from a big child to an adult man, has insight, and becomes a real figure of sympathy. But Danielle Steel also gave her other characters a wonderful development. And so, the reader experiences a fabulous journey through the various feelings, thoughts, and worries of the various characters.

A wonderfully soulful novel that is ideal for enjoyable reading hours and also gently shows the darker side of life.

Happy reading

*I read the German edition released by Knaur in August 2008 

Danielle Steel
Danielle Steel ©Brigitte Lacombe

Danielle Steel is one of the most successful authors in the world – with around 600 million books sold and published in almost 50 countries. Almost all of her 78 novels made it onto the New York Times bestseller list. In addition to writing, the mother of nine children devotes herself intensively to her family and is involved in various social foundations. Danielle Steel now lives in San Francisco and spends several months of the year in France.


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