I don´t share the excitement other readers have about this book. For me, it is only a bit above average. This is sad because I like to read new authors, and Sarah Epstein belongs to that category. Maybe her next one will be a better read for me?

Wave Of Lies*
by Sarah Epstein
Translation Alexandra Ernst
Original Title Deep Water
Publisher Fischer Sauerländer on August 25, 2021
Genre Thriller
Pages 396
Format Hardcover
Source Fischer Sauerländer

As always, Chloe returns to the small town she grew up in for the holidays. And as always, she meets her best friends on the first evening in the old pizzeria. They have known each other since kindergarten and are like family. Better than family! But today everything is different. Because since Henry disappeared on a stormy night, those who were left are sitting together again for the first time. And distrust rises like a fog between them. That night things happened that neither of them can talk about. Everyone has something to hide. All are guilty. (Personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary).
Mason wants to protect his younger brother Henry from their abusive and alcoholic mother. But Henry wants a brother, not a protector. And Mason doesn´t know how to do things right because he feels like a loser and everybody treats him like one. And when Henry disappears in a stormy night and the police cannot find him, Mason starts to search for his brother on his own. And steps right into a nest of lies and false friendship.

The book is well written in parts, but also shows a lot of pages where I couldn´t get rid of the feeling that the words were just filler material. The psychological finesse is there, no doubt about it. But I couldn´t connect to the characters. Not even to Chloe or Mason, although the author shows me their real-life behind the beautiful and peaceful façade in an impressive way.

Sarah Epstein´s writing style is gentle and almost boring. At least in some chapters and scenes. The real action starts on the last few pages and that was a little too late for my taste. Yes, the author shows a beautiful and idyllic landscape and a beautiful small town at first glance. But the perfect picture soon gets cracked from little hints here and there. A sarcastic word, a stare, and two men who are far from friends. And besides the current characters in this thriller, another shows her power every second she gets the opportunity.

A group of young teenagers who grew up together, a small town, and enough problems to fill the entire planet. Two characters caught my eye. Chloe and Mason. Chloe, because she has to know everything and wants to make everything and everyone “whole” again. Something that gets her into trouble more than once. She concludes things that do not correspond to reality and thus make life difficult for others.

Mason shows the reader a strength, and a will to get out of his family situation, which impressed me very much. Especially since he is completely misunderstood by everyone. He fears more than anything in the world that he is as bad as his addicted mother. The thought that he might end up like her drives him crazy. He wants a better life for himself and to find something he is good at. Just a chance in life.

This thriller left me with mixed feelings. I do not share the general enthusiasm this novel has generated for other readers around the world. The story didn´t grab me. I couldn´t make friends with the characters and the sometimes very slow reading speed couldn´t inspire me either. It´s a shame because the psychological finesse is very well-created.

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Fischer Sauerländer in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review.

Deutsche Rezension

Das Buch ist teilweise großartig geschrieben, zeigt aber auch viele Seiten, bei denen ich das Gefühl nicht loswerden konnte, dass die Worte nur Füllmaterial waren. Die psychologische Finesse ist da, daran besteht kein Zweifel. Aber ich konnte keine Verbindung zu den Figuren herstellen. Nicht einmal zu Chloe oder Mason, obwohl mir die Autorin, deren wahres Leben hinter der schönen und friedlichen Fassade auf eindrucksvolle Weise zeigt.

Der Schreibstil von Sarah Epstein ist sanft und fast schon langweilig. Zumindest in einigen Kapiteln und Szenen. Die eigentliche Action beginnt auf den letzten Seiten und das war für meinen Geschmack etwas zu spät. Ja, die Autorin zeigt eine auf den ersten Blick wunderschöne und idyllische Landschaft und eine wunderschöne Kleinstadt. Doch das perfekte Bild bekommt schon bald Risse durch kleine Hinweise hier und da. Ein sarkastisches Wort, ein starrer Blick und zwei Männer, die alles andere als Freunde sind. Und neben den aktuellen Figuren in diesem Thriller zeigt eine weitere ihre Macht jede Sekunde, die sie dazu Gelegenheit bekommt.

Eine Gruppe junger Teenager, die zusammen aufgewachsen sind, eine kleine Stadt und genug Probleme, um den ganzen Planeten zu füllen. Für mich sind zwei Figuren aufgefallen. Chloe und Mason. Chloe, weil sie alles wissen muss und alles und jeden wieder „heil“ machen will. Etwas, das sie mehr als einmal in Schwierigkeiten bringt. Sie schlussfolgert Dinge, die nicht der Realität entsprechen und erschwert damit anderen das Leben.

Mason zeigt dem Leser eine Stärke und einen Willen, aus seiner familiären Situation herauszukommen, der mich sehr beeindruckt hat. Zumal er von allen vollkommen verkannt wird. Er fürchtet mehr als alles andere auf der Welt, dass er so schlecht ist wie seine süchtige Mutter. Der Gedanke, dass er so enden könnte wie sie, macht ihn verrückt. Er will ein besseres Leben für sich und etwas finden, worin er gut ist. Einfach eine Chance im Leben.

Dieser Thriller hat mich mit gemischten Gefühlen zurückgelassen. Ich teile nicht die allgemeine Begeisterung, die dieser Roman anderen Lesern auf der ganzen Welt bereitet hat. Die Geschichte hat mich nicht gepackt. Ich konnte mich nicht mit den Figuren anfreunden und das teilweise sehr langsame Lesetempo konnte mich auch nicht begeistern. Schade, den die psychologische Finesse ist sehr gut kreiert.

*The book was originally published Deep Water by Allen & Unwin on April 1, 2020. 

Sarah Epstein
Sarah Epstein ©Sarah Epstein

Sarah Epstein is an award-winning Australian author, illustrator, and designer who grew up in suburban Sydney and now lives in Melbourne with her husband, two sons, and a rescued dog called Luna. After achieving a design degree and enjoying a 25-year graphic design career, Sarah returned to her first loves of writing and illustrating. Her debut novel Small Spaces is a CBCA Honour Book, winner of the Young Adult Fiction Award in the Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature, winner of the Davitt Award for Best YA Crime Novel, and was shortlisted for another six awards including the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, the Queensland Literary Awards, and the Australian Book Industry Awards. Small Spaces has also been optioned for film by Triptych Pictures. Sarah’s second novel, Deep Water, is a CBCA Notable Book and was shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards and the Davitt Awards.


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