If you are looking for a hilarious book with an ironical and sometimes sarcastic witch who has her very own charm, great dialogues, and some fun scenes – THIS is your book! I laughed tears while reading some of the scenes and the way how Lily interacts with William – priceless!

Witchnapped In Westerham*
by Dionne Lister
Paranormal Investigation Bureau #1
Publisher Dionne Lister on March 22, 2021
Genre Paranormal Fantasy
Pages 220
Format eBook
Source Purchased

All it takes is one morning for Sydney Photographer Lily Bianchi's life to go off the rails and over a cliff. A well-dressed English woman turns up at her door, swearing she's a witch. If that's not crazy enough, she explains Lily's brother, James, has been kidnapped and the Paranormal Investigation Bureau needs Lily's help finding him. And the craziest part? The Englishwoman tells Lily she's a witch too. Before she can say, "Where's my coffee?" she's on a plane bound for Westerham, England. Unfortunately, England's not as welcoming as she hoped - she's barely arrived before she gets set up, arrested, and almost shot. Things can only get better from here, right? Yeah, right...
Lily is happy. She loves the place she calls home and that her passion for photography gives her the freedom to do what she loves and earn money at the same time. Good, she is on her own with her brother living in England, but she has her friends, the beach, and the regular video calls with her brother. But all that means nothing when your brother disappears and you are the only one who can find him because you can do something, nobody else can.

With irony, a huge portion of sarcasm, and many hilarious scenes and dialogues Dionne Lister has written her paranormal fantasy story about Lily and her brother James. The only family Lily has left. The writing style is easy to read, straightforward, and shows you a witch that didn´t know she was one until her magic evolved.

The author has a wonderful way to let her main figure interact with the other figures. And because Lily is grown up in Australia, her different ways of thinking and being is program for the story. She brings a hint of humor to everything. She sees the world in a different light compared to all the others and that she needs coffee where everybody around her wants tea brings some additional fun to the novel.

Dionne Lister doesn´t need long character descriptions. She tells you only a few things about them, the rest does the figure itself. The way how each of them reacts, speaks, or interacts with Lily is enough to give you the full picture.

I loved the way how Lily interacted with her environment, how she thinks about coffee and about William. And I am still wondering if it is the upbringing in Australia that makes Lily the perfect counterpart for William or that she needs her daily dose of coffee to get her brain working. The main figure is one of a kind and the way how she gets those two men to bring her the so desired coffee – fantastic.

What a fantastic story. Witchnapped in Westerham is the first book I read by the author and what a fun ride it was. If you are looking for a paranormal fantasy story that goes into the cozy mystery genre as well, this is your book. Lily is one hell of a great witch and character and will make you laugh and fear for her wellbeing at the same time. Highly recommended.

Happy reading

*The novel was published in the German language on March 22, 2021 

Dionne Lister
Dionne Lister ©private

Dionne Lister is a writer and editor from Sydney. She has an Associate Degree of Creative writing through Southern Cross University and is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Daydreaming has always been her passion, so writing was a natural progression from staring out the window in primary school, and being an author was a dream she held since childhood. Writing was only a hobby while she worked as a property valuer in Sydney, until her mid-thirties when she returned to study and completed her creative writing degree. Since then, she has indulged her passion for writing while raising two children with her husband. Her books have attracted praise from Apple iBooks and have reached #1 on Amazon and iBooks charts worldwide, frequently occupying top 100 lists in fantasy.



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    1. It was a fun read. I bought it because the cover caught my eye first...


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