The second book in the Promised dilogy was a tad better than expected. Not completely a thrilling story but it gave answers to many questions I had, and the end of the novel was good. But all in all, I am not sure if I will read another book by the author again.

Promised-Die Zwei Königreiche*
by Kiera Cass
Promised Dilogy #2
Translation Angela Stein
Original Title The Betrayed**
Publisher Fischer Sauerländer on October 27, 2021
Genre Young Adult
Pages 335
Format Hardcover
Source Publisher 

Hollis left her home country and joined the family of her late young husband Silas. But not all of Hollis is well-disposed there. Above all, Silas` gloomy cousin Etan makes no secret of his dislike. In the secret revolt against the tyrannical king, however, one has to rely on Hollis´ help. Will she be able to turn enemies into allies? From an oppressed people, a country that lives in freedom? And will she continue to betray her reluctant feelings – or indulge in the secret longing for her heart? (Personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary).
Holli is lonely despite living among Silas' family. The servants ignore her, she has only one person to talk with and Etan is giving her a very hard time. The fact, that she and her new mother are only alive because her mother-in-law took her out into the garden when tragedy hit Silas family again, is a great burden. And when Holli gets the information, that not everything is as she thought, she wants to do something that helps her new family to find peace again. 

The story reads very fluently. The plot is sad, and the fact that Hollis is left behind by the servants doesn´t make things any better. But at least you get answers to some questions that were still open from the first part. However, one also has to say that the story is not particularly profound for large parts. Yes, it is varied and shows the other side of the royal world, but it didn´t really appeal or touch me. The superficiality has remained, even if it is no longer as outstanding as in the first part. It´s a shame, I had hoped for more. In the end, events come thick and fast, but that was not enough to make the novel an exciting one. And the many clichéd moments were then no longer helpful. 

Although the characters here show more depth and one or the other problem that they have to cope with, at the end that doesn´t help to keep the plot from sliding into superficiality and some clichés. 

Despite her grief, Hollis is pure sunshine. She wants to turn things for the better and does everything to ensure that the last bit of hope remains. Even if that means that she has to use her almost non-existent talent for baking bread. Her charm is contagious and will soften even the toughest of hearts. Just not the heart she most hopes for.

Okay, I can´t deny that the story didn´t blow my mind this time either, but some delicious scenes and dialogues made up for it. Well, it wasn´t enough to make it a reading pleasure, but at least that part was a lot more entertaining than part one. 

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Fischer Sauerländer in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review.

Deutsche Rezension

Die Geschichte liest sich sehr fließend. Zwar ist der Plot traurig und die Tatsache, dass Hollis von der Dienerschaft links liegen gelassen wird, macht die Sache nicht besser. Aber zumindest erhält man Antworten auf einige Fragen, die noch aus dem ersten Teil offen waren. 

Allerdings muss man auch sagen, dass die Geschichte über weite Teile nicht sonderlich tiefgründig ist. Ja, sie ist abwechslungsreich und zeigt die andere Seite der königlichen Welt, aber angesprochen oder berührt hat es mich nicht wirklich. Die Oberflächlichkeit ist geblieben, wenn auch nicht mehr so herausragend wie noch im ersten Teil. Schade, da hatte ich mir mehr erhofft. Am Ende überschlagen sich zwar die Ereignisse, aber das reichte nicht aus, um den Roman zu einem begeisternden Ereignis zu machen. Und die vielen klischeebehafteten Momente waren dann auch nicht mehr hilfreich.  

Zwar zeigen die Figuren hier mehr Tiefgang und das eine oder andere Problem, dass sie zu bewältigen haben, doch am Ende hilft das nicht, die Handlung vor dem Abgleiten in Oberflächlichkeit und so manches Klischee zu bewahren. 

Hollis ist trotz ihrer Trauer der reinste Sonnenschein. Sie will die Dinge zum Guten wenden und tut alles, damit das letzte Fünkchen Hoffnung erhalten bleibt. Selbst wenn das bedeutet, dass sie ihr so gut wie nicht vorhandenes Talent zum Brotbacken einsetzen muss. Ihr Charme ist ansteckend und erweicht sogar das härteste Herz. Nur nicht das Herz, von dem sie sich am meisten erhofft. 

Okay, ich kann nicht abstreiten, dass mich die Geschichte auch diesmal nicht in Begeisterungsstürme hat ausbrechen lassen, aber einige köstliche Szenen und Dialoge haben doch so einiges wettgemacht. Gut, es hat nicht gereicht, um zu einem Lesevergnügen zu werden, aber zumindest war dieser Teil um einiges unterhaltsamer als Teil eins.  

**The book was published The Betrayed by Harper Collins Children´s Books June 29, 2021

Kiera Cass
Kiera Cass ©Suzanne Plafcan

Kiera Cass was born in South Carolina, USA and now lives in Christiansburg, Virginia with her husband and two children. She is a graduate of Radford University. With her “Selection” novels, she has made it onto the bestseller lists worldwide. If she could wish for a crown, then it would be made “from the (joyful) tears of her readers”. 



  1. Sounds like the story was okay, maybe better than the first one for you but not amazing- I'm glad you did enjoy it to some extent though?


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